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CasADi 3.1

Grab a binary from the table:

Windows Linux Mac
Matlab R2014b or later R2014b or later R2015a or later
R2014a or later R2014a or later R2014b or later
R2013a or later R2014a or later
Octave 4.0.2+ 4.0.2+ 4.0.2+
Python Py27 (32bit or 64bit ) Py27 Py27
Py35 (32bit or 64bit ) Py35 Py35

or see download page for more options/versions ...

Unzip in your home directory and adapt the path:

Matlab/Octave Python
import casadi.*
x = MX.sym('x')
from sys import path
from casadi import *
x = MX.sym("x")

Get started with the example pack.