Changes v1.9.0 to v2.0.0

Joel Andersson edited this page Jul 23, 2014 · 15 revisions
  • the CasADi namespace is now casadi, #1080
  • the directory structure has been cleaned up with the symbolic module now renamed core, cf. #1098 and in-house solvers grouped in a solvers directory, cf. #1136. Imports in examples and source have been changed accordingly, for instance from #include "symbolic/blah.hpp" to #include "casadi/core/blah.hpp" #1051. The central classes are available in C++ via #include <casadi/casadi.hpp>.
  • Support for ipopt from apt-get has been implemented (#1012, #1074, #1075, #1077) but is not perfect (#1077, #1102)
  • shared libraries are fully supported, static libraries are unsupported (except with MS Visual Studio)
  • pkg-config support was added, #424
  • solve is no longer an alias for evaluate, #1097
  • added the atomic operation fmod, #1112
  • We have enforced a CamelCase convention for some class names, meaning that NLPSolver has been renamed NlpSolver, QPSolver has been renamed QpSolver, etc. #1092
  • A plug-in design for solvers has been implemented. E.g., instead of creating IPOPT solver with the syntax IpoptSolver(...), you now use a factory implemented in the base class via the syntax NlpSolver("ipopt", ...), cf. #786
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