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The framework to generate the output (PDF and log) for the in-documentation-examples is not platform independent. It probably only works in linux-flavoured systems. This is considered acceptable since regular users should not generate that output; they can just consult the online-documentation.

Prerequisites C++

You need to build CasADi with the WITH_DOC flag on.

This will compile a dummy file that depends on every CasADi feature. The CMake generated linker and include flags will be harvested by /documentation/examples/ctemplate/

The CMake framework is not used the in-documentation-examples themselves. Rather pure make and shell-scripts carry out the magic to lower the maintenance burden.

Prerequisites Python

You need to have installed pyreport easy_install pyreport and docutils sudo apt-get install python-docutils


If you have your builddir in /build, then it's easy: just issue a make in /documentation/examples. This requires that WITH_DOC flag was on when building.

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