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Releases: IJHack/QtPass

Balkan holiday edition

19 Sep 11:36
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What's Changed

Wording and localisation

New Contributors

Full Changelog: v1.3.2...v1.4.0

Let's get drafting again

31 Aug 11:41
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What's Changed

  • Delete context menu after exec by @fasked in #578
  • Add more options for the password displaying by @l3u in #587
  • Fix accidental deletion of entire passwordstore by @FSMaxB in #604
  • Install QT in codeql workflow by @annejan in #608
  • Super Linter added and fixing findings by @annejan in #610
  • Removed travis (no longer free) and lgtm (migrated to Github) by @annejan in #612
  • fix bug => clipboard was not cleared when using primary selection by @pythcoiner in #615
  • super-linter ENV variables in shared location for local and automated by @annejan in #616
  • Document "Using profiles" by @buepro in #619
  • markdownlint --fix && textlint --fix by @annejan in #621
  • fix the unintended "running" of the entropy window in the keygen dial… by @lherschi in #640
  • Restore licensing info for QProgressIndicator by @svuorela in #642
  • Add pass store signing key feature by @timegrid in #634
  • Fix taborder and add buddies in keygen dialog by @svuorela in #643
  • Clazy cleanup and other minor fixes by @svuorela in #641
  • clang-format -i src/.cpp src/.h by @annejan in #645


New Contributors

Full Changelog: 1.4.0-rc1...1.4.0-rc2

Let's see if we can draft a new release

22 Sep 12:19
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Full Changelog

Implemented enhancements:

  • Set correct WM_CLASS for the qr-code popup #506

Fixed bugs:

  • QtPass does not detect current $GNUPGHOME and causes it to fail decryption #569
  • Installation is failed using latest Homebrew in macOS #564
  • <tt> ... </tt> included in password text #542
  • Markup tags are left in password and clipboard #533
  • Renaming passwords and directories fail #487
  • Will not run on Windows 10 1903 b18362.418 #486

Closed issues:

  • Hide results on search #551
  • QtPass 1.3.2 freezes on macOS 10.15.6 when trying to display password #544
  • Icons are blurry when fractional scaling is enabled #525
  • [Request] clear search password when change profile #524
  • Copying not possible on Ubuntu 20.04 #521
  • UI can't handle passwords with periods in their name #520
  • Display passwords in mono space font #514
  • QtPass 1.3.2 for Ubuntu 19.10 (eoan) #512
  • Default password visibility #511
  • Consider mentioning export abilities in migration docs, if any are present #505
  • Enable out-of-source (shadow) builds. #501
  • password visiblity can't be fully hidden #496
  • Translations need updating and checking #488
  • Front-End doesn't work well with HiDPI screen #464
  • How to let QtPass use the real "pass" on windows #458
  • Fresh install of Antergos with Deepin - High DPI scaling is not working #417
  • Strange behavior when clearing filter #402
  • Tray icon remains after quitting program #401
  • QtPass doesn't work will pass in WSL #375
  • UI is blurry on HiDPI screens on MacOS (retina) since 1.2.x #355
  • No prompt for passphrase for git key on windows. #317
  • Config dialog's Password Generation field got crowded between 1.1.3 and 1.1.6 #278

Merged pull requests:

Welcoming new users again

09 Oct 13:55
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Much needed cleanup

02 Oct 12:40
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Has it been a year?

20 Aug 11:45
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After more than a year of stagnation, I thought it wise to first just push out a release of the master branch most active users have been on for a while now . .

With this out of the way expect a 1.3.1 release soon with the most pressing still open issues addressed.

Some of the many changes, please resort to the CHANGELOG for a more complete listing.

  • Add otp (two factor authentication) support #327
  • Use key fingerprint as ID instead of “long” ID. #452 (Natureshadow)
  • Typo: dialouge to dialogue. #444 (georgjaehnig)
  • Scripts and logic specific to Windows Store releases #439 (rdoeffinger)
  • For config check, check that the selected binary is available. #438 (rdoeffinger)
  • Fix character encoding issues for non-UTF-8 locales. #435 (rdoeffinger)
  • Fixes and improvments for config dialog #432 (rdoeffinger)
  • Support for using WSL binaries on Windows #431 (rdoeffinger)
  • Bugfixes and Windows compatibility improvements #430 (mrsch)
  • Semi-automatic code cleanup #425 (annejan)
  • Update to prevent the installer requesting admin #424 (hughwilliams94)
  • Display passwords as QR codes #421 (frawi)
  • Tested working on Mac Os HS with pinentry-mac #419 (riccardocossu)
  • Bugfixes #413 (rdoeffinger)
  • pwgen: fix inverted "Generate ... less secure passwords" checkbox #409 (ahippo)
  • Continuing refactoring #407 (FiloSpaTeam)
  • #390 make box cheched when opening a folder users panel #403 (kenji21)
  • Windows sigsev issues #326
  • Access to the / (root) directory form within the application window on MacOS #302
  • Context menu on transparent fields is transparent too . . #227
  • Various issues with Info.plist file on macOS #457
  • Problem with GNUpg not found on MacOS #362
  • Unable to see main application window (applicationn runs minimized to tray only) #286

Baby steps

04 Jun 09:53
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  • Add support for OTP code generation on Linux as requested in #327 #394 (Noettore)
  • Revert scroll bar changes #393 (destanyol)
  • Fix High Dpi Support. Works now under Windows and KDE/Plasma. #392 (hgraeber)
  • Duplicate prefix in installation of tests directory in v1.2.2. #389
  • Compilation error on FreeBSD member access into incomplete type #388
  • No icons on macOS #377

Spring cleaning

07 May 14:44
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  • Clipboard clearing timer is not reset when new passwords are copied to the clipboard #309
  • Removal of files outside of password-store #300 #363 (FiloSpaTeam)
  • Lots of fixes and refactoring. #364 #376 #378 #381 #382 #384 #386 (FiloSpaTeam)
  • Fix & make clearClipboard more robust #359 (lukedirtwalker)
  • Multiple question marks while trying to delete password #385
  • No button icons and text in "menu bar" #383
  • Entire program is huge on High DPI screen on Linux #369
  • Parallel make issue in qtpass-1.2.1: ld: cannot find -lqtpass #350
  • No password entry prompt #343
  • Can't install on OS X Sierra #337
  • No icon on MacOS #333
  • Font and spacing used for URL links on right in main window absurdly large #329
  • QtPass don't display all lines with templates #273 #358 (lukedirtwalker)
  • Update #354 and add two entries in FAQ about the language #353 (5bentz)
  • Fix nested template argument list compile error #346 (martinburchell)
  • Honor PREFIX during tests install #345 (SpiderX)

Bug fixes

04 Jan 16:10
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The way QtPass prior to 1.2.1 generates passwords is insecure.

All passwords generated with QtPass's built-in password generator are possibly predictable and enumerable by hackers. The generator used libc's random(), seeded with srand(msecs), where msecs is not the msecs since 1970 (not that that'd be secure anyway), but rather the msecs since the last second.
This means there are only 1000 different sequences of generated passwords.

All passwords that have been generated with QtPass prior to 1.2.1 should be regenerated and changed.

  • Insecure password generation #338 #342
  • Version 1.2.0 leaks passwords #334
  • When importing settings from 1.1.5 or older clipboard settings revert to No Clipboard #232
  • Add Catalan translation #336 (rbuj)

Has it been a year?

09 Nov 11:10
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After almost a year of anticipation, finally a new QtPass release.
It's been a hectic year for me in particular with the SHA2017 Badge related madness and other projects. I am however planning on improving QtPass a lot more frequently the coming year.
But it's also been a hectic year for QtPass.

Some highlights from the changes.