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Awesome C++ Awesome Track Awesome List

A curated list of awesome C++ (or C) frameworks, libraries, resources, and shiny things. Inspired by awesome-... stuff.

Standard Libraries

C++ Standard Library - including STL Containers, STL Algorithm, STL Functional, etc.


C++ generic frameworks and libraries.

  • abseil-cpp - Abseil C++ Common Libraries. [Apache2]
  • Apache C++ Standard Library - STDCXX, A collection of algorithms, containers, iterators, and other fundamental components. [retired] [Apache2]
  • APR - Apache Portable Runtime. Another library of cross-platform utility functions. [Apache2]
  • ASL - Adobe Source Libraries provides peer-reviewed and portable C++ source libraries. [MIT]
  • Boost ⚡ - A large collection of generic C++ libraries. [Boost] website
  • BDE - The BDE Development Environment from Bloomberg Labs. [Apache2]
  • C++ Workflow ⚡ - C++ Parallel Computing and Asynchronous Networking Engine. [Apache2]
  • CGraph - A cross-platform DAG framework based on C++ without any 3rd-party. [MIT]
  • Cinder - A community-developed, free and open source library for professional-quality creative coding. [BSD]
  • Coost - A tiny boost library in C++11. [MIT]
  • Cxxomfort - A small, header-only library that backports various facilities from more recent C++ Standards to C++03 and later. [MIT]
  • Dlib ⚡ - A toolkit for making real world machine learning and data analysis applications in C++. [Boost] website
  • EASTL - Electronic Arts Standard Template Library. [BSD]
  • ETL - Embedded Template Library. [MIT]
  • ffead-cpp - Framework for Enterprise Application Development. [Apache2]
  • Folly - An open-source C++ library developed and used at Facebook. [Apache2]
  • FunctionalPlus - Functional Programming Library for C++. Write concise and readable C++ code. [MIT]
  • GLib - GLib provides the core application building blocks for libraries and applications written in C. [LGPL]
  • JUCE - An all-encompassing C++ class library for developing cross-platform software. [Core-Module: ISC, Rest: GPL2/GPL3/Commercial] website
  • Kigs framework - A free and open source C++ modular multi-purpose cross platform RAD framework. [MIT] website
  • libPhenom - libPhenom is an eventing framework for building high performance and high scalability systems in C. [Apache2]
  • LibSourcey - C++11 evented IO for real-time video streaming and high performance networking applications. [LGPL]
  • LibU - A multiplatform utility library written in C. [BSD]
  • libxutils - Simple and yet powerful cross-platform C library providing data structures, algorithms and much more. [MIT]
  • Loki - A C++ library of designs, containing flexible implementations of common design patterns and idioms. [MIT]
  • MiLi - Minimal headers-only C++ Library. [Boost]
  • OpenFrameworks - A cross platform open source toolkit for creative coding in C++. [MIT] website
  • Qt ⚡ - A cross-platform application and UI framework. [GPL/LGPL/Commercial] website
  • Reason - A cross platform framework designed to bring the ease of use of Java, .Net, or Python to developers who require the performance and strength of C++. [GPL2]
  • ROOT - A set of OO frameworks with all the functionality needed to handle and analyze large amounts of data in a very efficient way. Used at CERN. [LGPL]
  • Seastar - An advanced, open-source C++ framework for high-performance server applications on modern hardware. [Apache-2.0 License]
  • STLport - An exemplary version of STL. [Free]
  • STXXL - Standard Template Library for Extra Large Data Sets. [Boost]
  • tbox - A glib-like multi-platform c library. [Apache2] website
  • Ultimate++ - A C++ cross-platform rapid application development framework. [BSD]
  • uSTL - The small STL library. [MIT]
  • Windows Template Library - A C++ library for developing Windows applications and UI components. [Public]
  • Yomm2 - Fast, Orthogonal, Open multi-methods. Supersedes Yomm11 [Boost]

Artificial Intelligence

  • ANNetGPGPU - A GPU (CUDA) based Artificial Neural Network library. [LGPL]
  • btsk - Game Behavior Tree Starter Kit. [zlib]
  • Evolving Objects - A template-based, ANSI-C++ evolutionary computation library which helps you to write your own stochastic optimization algorithms insanely fast. [LGPL]
  • frugally-deep - Header-only library for using Keras models in C++. [MIT]
  • Genann - Simple neural network library in C. [zlib]
  • MXNet - Lightweight, Portable, Flexible Distributed/Mobile Deep Learning with Dynamic, Mutation-aware Dataflow Dep Scheduler; for Python, R, Julia, Scala, Go, Javascript and more. website
  • PyTorch - Tensors and Dynamic neural networks in Python with strong GPU acceleration. website
  • flashlight - Flashlight is a fast, flexible machine learning library written entirely in C++. [BSD]
  • Recast/Detour - (3D) Navigation mesh generator and pathfinder, mostly for games. [zlib]
  • TensorFlow - An open source software library for numerical computation using data flow graphs. [Apache]
  • oneDNN - An open-source cross-platform performance library for deep learning applications. [Apache] website
  • CNTK - Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit (CNTK), an open source deep-learning toolkit. [Boost]
  • tiny-dnn - A header only, dependency-free deep learning framework in C++11. [BSD]
  • Veles - Distributed platform for rapid Deep learning application development. [Apache]
  • Kaldi - Toolkit for speech recognition. [Apache]

Asynchronous Event Loop

  • Asio - A cross-platform C++ library for network and low-level I/O programming that provides developers with a consistent asynchronous model using a modern C++ approach. [Boost] website
  • Boost.Asio - A cross-platform C++ library for network and low-level I/O programming. [Boost] website
  • C++ Actor Framework - An Open Source Implementation of the Actor Model in C++. [BSD-3-Clause] website
  • Ichor - An event queue which focuses on thread safety and provides dependency injection. [MIT]
  • libev - A full-featured and high-performance event loop that is loosely modelled after libevent, but without its limitations and bugs. [BSD and GPL]
  • libevent - An event notification library. [BSD]
  • libhv - Cross-platform event loop library. [BSD]
  • libuv - Cross-platform asynchronous I/O. [BSD]
  • promise-cpp - Header only library that implements Promise/A+ standard. [Anti-996]
  • uvw - C++ wrapper for libuv. [MIT]


Audio, Sound, Music, Digitized Voice Libraries

  • Aubio - A library for audio and music analysis.[GPL-3.0] website
  • AudioFile - A simple C++ library for reading and writing audio files. [MIT]
  • audioFlux - A C library for audio and music analysis, feature extraction. [MIT]
  • dr_libs - Single file audio decoding libraries for C and C++. [Unlicense]
  • FMOD - An easy to use crossplatform audio engine and audio content creation tool for games. [Free for non-commercial/Commercial]
  • KFR - Fast, modern C++ DSP framework, FFT, FIR/IIR filters, Sample Rate Conversion. [GPL/Commercial]
  • LAME - LAME is a high quality MPEG Audio Layer III (MP3) encoder. [LGPL]
  • libsndfile - C library with C++ wrapper for reading and writing files containing sampled sound through one standard library interface. [LGPL-2.1] website
  • libsoundio - C library for cross-platform real-time audio input and output. [MIT] website
  • Maximilian - C++ Audio and Music DSP Library. [MIT]
  • OpenAL - Open Audio Library - A crossplatform audio API. [BSD/LGPL/Commercial]
  • miniaudio - Single file audio playback and capture library. [Unlicense] website
  • ni-media - C++ library for reading and writing audio files. [MIT]
  • Opus - A totally open, royalty-free, highly versatile audio codec. [BSD]
  • PortAudio - PortAudio is a free, cross-platform, open-source, audio I/O library. [MIT]
  • rnnoise - Recurrent neural network for audio noise reduction. [BSD-3-Clause]
  • SELA - SimplE Lossless Audio. [MIT]
  • SoLoud - Easy, portable audio engine for games. [zlib]
  • Speex - A free codec for free speech. Obsoleted by Opus. [BSD]
  • Tonic - Easy and efficient audio synthesis in C++. [Unlicense]
  • Vorbis - Ogg Vorbis is a fully open, non-proprietary, patent-and-royalty-free, general-purpose compressed audio format. [BSD]
  • minimp3 - Public domain, header-only MP3 decoder with clean-room implementation. [CC0]
  • Verovio - Verovio is a fast and lightweight music notation engraving library. [LGPL] website
  • Wav2Letter++ - Public domain, a fast open source speech processing toolkit written entirely in C++ and uses the ArrayFire tensor library and the flashlight machine learning library for maximum efficiency. [BSD]


Bioinformatics, Genomics, Biotech

  • BioC++ - C++ Computational Libraries for Bioinformatics. [BSD]
  • Chaste - An open source C++ library for the computational simulation of mathematical models developed for physiology and biology. [BSD]
  • libsequence - A C++ library for representing and analyzing population genetics data. [GPL]
  • SeqAn - Algorithms and data structures for the analysis of sequences with the focus on biological data. [BSD/3-clause]
  • Vcflib - A C++ library for parsing and manipulating VCF files. [MIT]
  • Wham - Structural variants (SVs) in Genomes by directly applying association tests to BAM files. [MIT]


  • jech/dht - BitTorrent DHT library in C. [MIT]
  • libtorrent (a.k.a. libtorrent-rasterbar) - An efficient feature complete C++ bittorrent implementation. [BSD]
  • LibTorrent (a.k.a. libtorrent-rakshasa) - BitTorrent library. [GPL]
  • libutp - uTorrent Transport Protocol library. [MIT]


Chemistry, Quantum Chemistry, Solid-State Chemistry/Physics, Geochemistry, Biochemistry

  • d-SEAMS - A molecular dynamics trajectory analysis engine in C++ and Lua with Nix. It is an acronym for Deferred Structural Elucidation Analysis for Molecular Simulations. [GPL] website
  • gromacs - A message-passing parallel molecular dynamics implementation. [GPL] website
  • Reaktoro - A computational framework in C++ and Python for modeling chemically reactive systems. [LGPL] website
  • LAMMPS - A classical molecular dynamics code with a focus on materials modeling. It's an acronym for Large-scale Atomic/Molecular Massively Parallel Simulator. [GPL] website
  • MADNESS - Multiresolution Adaptive Numerical Environment for Scientific Simulation. [GPL] website
  • MPQC - The Massively Parallel Quantum Chemistry program, MPQC, computes properties of atoms and molecules from first principles using the time independent Schrödinger equation. [GPL] website
  • ORCA - An ab initio quantum chemistry program package that contains modern electronic structure methods. [Academic] website
  • Psi - An ab initio computational chemistry package. [GPL] website


Console/Terminal User Interface, Command Line Interface

  • Argh! - A minimalist, frustration-free, header-only argument handler. [BSD]
  • Taywee/args - A simple header-only C++ argument parser library. [MIT]
  • Boost.Program_options - A library to obtain program options via conventional methods such as command line and config file. [Boost] website
  • Clara - A simple to use, composable, command line parser for C++ 11 and beyond. [Boost]
  • cli - A cross-platform header only C++14 library for interactive command line interfaces (Cisco style). [Boost]
  • CLI11 - Header only single or multi-file C++11 library for simple and advanced CLI parsing. [BSD]
  • clipp - Easy to use, powerful and expressive command line argument handling for C++11/14/17 contained in a single header file. [MIT]
  • jarro2783/cxxopts - Lightweight C++ command line option parser. [MIT]
  • docopt.cpp - A library to generate option parser from docstring. [MIT/Boost]
  • FINAL CUT - Library for creating terminal applications with text-based widgets. [LGPL]
  • gflags - Commandline flags module for C++. [BSD]
  • indicators - Activity indicators for Modern C++. [MIT]
  • linenoise - A small self-contained alternative to readline and libedit. [BSD-2-Clause]
  • linenoise-ng - A small, portable GNU readline replacement for Linux, Windows and MacOS which is capable of handling UTF-8 characters. [BSD]
  • Lyra - A simple to use, composable, command line parser for C++ 11 and beyond. [Boost]
  • Ncurses - A terminal user interface. [MIT]
  • oof - Convenient, high-performance RGB color and position control for console output. [MIT]
  • PDCurses - Public domain curses library with both source code and pre-compiled library available. [PublicDomain]
  • popl - A single-header templated command line arguments and ini file parser for C++ 11 and beyond. [MIT]
  • replxx - A readline and libedit replacement that supports UTF-8, syntax highlighting, hints, works on Unix and Windows. [BSD]
  • tabulate - Table Maker for Modern C++. [MIT]
  • TCLAP - A mature, stable and feature-rich library for defining and accessing command line arguments in ANSI C++. [MIT]
  • termbox - A C library for writing text-based user interfaces. [MIT]
  • cpp-terminal - Small header only C++ library for writing multiplatform terminal applications. [MIT]
  • FTXUI - C++ Functional Terminal User Interface. [MIT]
  • imtui - Immediate Mode Text-based User Interface. [MIT]


Compression and Archiving Libraries

  • bit7z - A C++ static library offering a clean and simple interface to the 7-zip DLLs. [GPLv2]
  • Brotli - Brotli compression format. Developed by Google. [MIT]
  • bzip2 - A freely available, patent free, high-quality data compressor. [BSD]
  • bzip3 - A better and stronger spiritual successor to BZip2. [LGPL]
  • FiniteStateEntropy - New generation entropy codecs : Finite State Entropy and Huff0.
  • PhysicsFS - A library to provide abstract access to various archives. It is intended for use in video games, and the design was somewhat inspired by Quake 3's file subsystem. [zlib]
  • KArchive - A library for creating, reading, writing and manipulating file archives like zip and tar. It also provides transparent compression and decompression of data, using formats like gzip, via a subclass of QIODevice. [LGPL]
  • libarchive - Multi-format archive and compression library. [New BSD] website
  • LZ4 - Extremely Fast Compression algorithm. [BSD] website
  • LZFSE - LZFSE compression library and command line tool. Developed by Apple.
  • LZHAM - Lossless data compression library with a compression ratio similar to LZMA but with much faster decompression. [BSD]
  • LZMA ⚡ - The default and general compression method of 7z format. [PublicDomain] website
  • LZMAT - An extremely fast real-time lossless data compression library. [GPL]
  • miniz - Single C source file Deflate/Inflate compression library with zlib-compatible API, ZIP archive reading/writing, PNG writing. [MIT]
  • Minizip - Zlib with latest bug fixes that supports PKWARE disk spanning, AES encryption, and IO buffering. [zlib]
  • smaz - Small strings compression library. [BSD]
  • Snappy - A fast compressor/decompressor. [BSD]
  • ZLib - A very compact compression library for data streams. [zlib]
  • zlib-ng - zlib for the "next generation" systems. Drop-In replacement with some serious optimizations. [zlib]
  • zstd - Zstandard - Fast real-time compression algorithm. Developed by Facebook. [BSD]
  • ZZIPlib - Provides read access on ZIP-archives. [MPL/LGPL]


Concurrency and Multithreading

  • alpaka - Abstraction library for parallel kernel acceleration. [LGPLv3+]
  • ArrayFire - A general purpose GPU library. [BSD]
  • Async++ - A lightweight concurrency framework for C++11, inspired by the Microsoft PPL library and the N3428 C++ standard proposal. [MIT]
  • Boost.Compute - A C++ GPU Computing Library for OpenCL. [Boost] website
  • Bolt - A C++ template library optimized for GPUs. [Apache2]
  • ck - Concurrency primitives, safe memory reclamation mechanisms and non-blocking data structures. [BSD]
  • concurrentqueue - A fast multi-producer, multi-consumer lock-free concurrent queue for C++11. [BSD,Boost]
  • Cpp-Taskflow - Fast C++ Parallel Programming with Task Dependencies. [MIT]
  • CUB - CUB provides state-of-the-art, reusable software components for every layer of the CUDA programming mode. [New BSD]
  • cuda-api-wrappers - Lightweight, Modern-C++ wrappers for the CUDA GPU programming runtime API. [BSD]
  • cupla - C++ API to run CUDA/C++ on OpenMP, Threads, TBB, ... through Alpaka. [LGPLv3+]
  • C++React - A reactive programming library for C++11. [Boost]
  • FiberTaskingLib - Task-based multi-threading library that supports task graphs with arbitrary dependencies. [Apache]
  • HPX - A general purpose C++ runtime system for parallel and distributed applications of any scale. [Boost]
  • Intel Games Task Scheduler - A task scheduling framework designed for the needs of game developers. [MIT]
  • Intel Parallel STL - Intel® implementation of C++17 STL for C++11 and above. [Apache2]
  • Intel TBB - Intel® Threading Building Blocks. [Apache2]
  • junction - A library of concurrent data structures in C++. [BSD]
  • Kokkos - A performance portable programming model for parallel execution and memory abstraction. [BSD]
  • libcds - A C++ library of Concurrent Data Structures. [BSD]
  • Libclsph - An OpenCL based GPU accelerated SPH fluid simulation library. [MIT]
  • libdill - Introduces structured concurrency in C. [MIT]
  • libdispatch - Grand Central Dispatch (GCD), developed by Apple Inc., is a task parallelism technology based on the thread pool pattern. libdispatch is a library that provides the implementation of GCD's services. [Apache-2.0] website
  • libmill - Introduces Go-style concurrency in C. [MIT]
  • marl - Marl is a hybrid thread / fiber task scheduler written in C++ 11. [Apache-2.0]
  • moderngpu - moderngpu is a productivity library for general-purpose computing on GPUs. It is a header-only C++ library written for CUDA. The unique value of the library is in its accelerated primitives for solving irregularly parallel problems. [FreeBSD & Copyright, Sean Baxter]
  • NCCL - Optimized primitives for collective multi-GPU communication. [BSD]
  • OpenCL - The open standard for parallel programming of heterogeneous systems.
  • OpenMP - The OpenMP API.
  • rotor - Event loop friendly C++ actor micro framework. [MIT]
  • SObjectizer - An implementation of Actor, Publish-Subscribe, and CSP models in one rather small C++ framework. [BSD-3-Clause]
  • Quantum - A powerful C++ coroutine dispatcher framework built on top of Boost.Coroutine2.
  • RaftLib - The RaftLib C++ library, streaming/dataflow concurrency via C++ iostream-like operators. [Apache2]
  • readerwriterqueue - A fast single-producer, single-consumer lock-free queue for C++. [BSD]
  • stdgpu - Efficient STL-like Data Structures on the GPU. [Apache2]
  • Thrust - A parallel algorithms library which resembles the C++ Standard Template Library (STL). [Apache2]
  • transwarp - A header-only C++ library for task concurrency. [MIT]
  • VexCL - A C++ vector expression template library for OpenCL/CUDA. [MIT]
  • STAPL - A C++ parallel programming framework designed to work on both shared and distributed memory parallel computers. [BSD]
  • concurrencpp - A general concurrency library containing tasks, executors, timers and C++20 coroutines to rule them all.


Configuration files, INI files

  • inifile-cpp - A header-only and easy to use Ini file parser for C++. [MIT]
  • inih - Simple .INI file parser in C, good for embedded systems. [BSD-3-Clause]
  • inih - Single header only C++ version of inih. [BSD-3-Clause]
  • ini-cpp - Single header only C++ version, with some handy read/write interface, extend from inih. [BSD-3-Clause] website
  • iniparser - INI file parser. [MIT]*
  • inipp - Simple header-only C++ ini parser and generator. [MIT]
  • libconfig - C, C++ library for processing structured configuration files. [LGPL-2.1] website
  • libconfuse - Small configuration file parser library for C. [ISC]
  • simpleini - Cross-platform C++ library providing a simple API to read and write INI-style configuration files. [MIT]
  • toml++ - Header-only TOML parser and serializer for C++17 and later. [MIT] website


  • C++ B-tree - A template library that implements ordered in-memory containers based on a B-tree data structure. [Apache2]
  • Colony - An unordered "bag"-type container which outperforms std containers in high-modification scenarios while maintaining permanent pointers to non-erased elements regardless of insertion/erasure. [zLib] website
  • dynamic_bitset - A C++17 header-only dynamic bitset. [MIT]
  • Hashmaps - Implementation of open addressing hash table algorithms in C++. [MIT]
  • Hopscotch map - A fast header-only hash map which uses hopscotch hashing for collisions resolution. [MIT]
  • LSHBOX - A c++ toolbox of locality-sensitive hashing (LSH), provides several popular LSH algorithms, also support Python and MATLAB. [GPL]
  • PGM-index - A data structure that enables fast lookup, predecessor, range searches and updates in arrays of billions of items using orders of magnitude less space than traditional indexes. [Apache2] website
  • plf::list - A std::list implementation which removes range splicing in order to enable cache-friendlier structure, yielding significant performance gains. [zLib] website
  • plf::stack - A replacement container for the std::stack container adaptor, with better performance than any std container in a stack context. [zLib] website
  • ring_span lite - A simplified implementation of Arthur O'Dwyer's ring_span implementation ie. a circular buffer view. [MIT]
  • robin-hood-hashing - Fast & memory efficient hashtable based on robin hood hashing for C++14. [MIT]
  • robin-map - Fast hash map and hash set using robin hood hashing. [MIT]
  • sparsepp - A fast, memory efficient hash map for C++. [BSD 3-clause]


Cryptography and Encryption Libraries

  • Bcrypt - A cross platform file encryption utility. Encrypted files are portable across all supported operating systems and processors. [BSD]
  • BeeCrypt - A portable and fast cryptography library. [LGPLv2.1+]
  • Botan - A crypto library for C++. [BSD-2]
  • Crypto++ - A free C++ class library of cryptographic schemes. [Boost] website
  • digestpp - C++11 header-only message digest (hash) library. [PublicDomain]
  • GnuPG - A complete and free implementation of the OpenPGP standard. [GPL]
  • GnuTLS - A secure communications library implementing the SSL, TLS and DTLS protocols. [LGPL2.1]
  • Libgcrypt - A general purpose cryptographic library originally based on code from GnuPG. [LGPLv2.1+]
  • LibreSSL - A free version of the SSL/TLS protocol forked from OpenSSL in 2014. [?]
  • libsodium - P(ortable|ackageable) NaCl-based crypto library, opinionated and easy to use. [ISC]
  • libhydrogen - A lightweight, secure, easy-to-use crypto library suitable for constrained environments. [ISC]
  • LibTomCrypt - A fairly comprehensive, modular and portable cryptographic toolkit. [WTFPL]
  • mbedTLS - An open source, portable, easy to use, readable and flexible SSL library, previously known as PolarSSL. [Apache2] website
  • Nettle - A low-level cryptographic library. [LGPL]
  • OpenSSL - A robust, commercial-grade, full-featured, and Open Source cryptography library. [Apache] website
  • retter - A collection of hash functions, ciphers, tools, libraries, and materials related to cryptography.
  • s2n - An implementation of the TLS/SSL protocols. [Apache]
  • sha1collisiondetection - Library and command line tool to detect SHA-1 collision in a file. [MIT]
  • Tink - A multi-language, cross-platform library that provides cryptographic APIs that are secure, easy to use correctly, and hard(er) to misuse. [Apache-2.0]
  • Tiny AES in C - Small portable AES128/192/256 in C. [PublicDomain]
  • Themis - crypto library for painless data security, providing symmetric and asymmetric encryption, secure sockets with forward secrecy, for mobile and server platforms. [Apache2]
  • HEhub - A library for homomorphic encryption and its applications. [Apache2]


Libraries for parsing Comma Separated Value (CSV) files

  • commata - Just another header-only C++17 CSV parser. [Unlicense]
  • csv2 - Fast CSV parser for modern C++. [MIT]
  • Csv::Parser - Compile-time and runtime CSV parser written in C++17. [Zlib]
  • Fast C++ CSV Parser - Small, easy-to-use and fast header-only library for reading CSV files. [BSD-3-Clause]
  • lazycsv - A fast, lightweight and single-header csv parser for modern C++. [MIT]
  • ssp - A header only "csv" parser which is fast and versatile with modern C++ api. [MIT]
  • Vince's CSV Parser - A fast, self-contained, streaming C++17 CSV parser with optional type-casting and statistics. [MIT]


Database Libraries, SQL Servers, ODBC Drivers, and Tools

  • ClickHouse - C++ client for ClickHouse DBMS. [Apache2]
  • hiberlite - C++ Object-relational mapping for sqlite3. [BSD]
  • Hiredis - A minimalistic C client library for the Redis database. [BSD]
  • Kvrocks - A distributed key value NoSQL database that uses RocksDB as storage engine and is compatible with Redis protocol. [Apache2]
  • LevelDB - A fast key-value storage library written at Google that provides an ordered mapping from string keys to string values. [BSD]
  • libpqxx - The official C++ client API for PostgreSQL. [BSD-3-Clause]
  • LMDB - Very fast embedded key/value store with full ACID semantics. [OpenLDAP]
  • LMDB++ - C++11 wrapper for the LMDB embedded database library. [PublicDomain]
  • MongoDB C Driver - MongoDB client library for C. [Apache2]
  • MongoDB C++ Driver - C++ driver for MongoDB. [Apache2]
  • MongoDB Libbson - A BSON utility library. [Apache2]
  • MySQL++ - A C++ wrapper for MySQL's C API. [LGPL]
  • nanodbc - A small C++ wrapper for the native C ODBC API. [MIT]
  • ODB - An open-source, cross-platform, and cross-database object-relational mapping (ORM) system for C++. [GPLv2]
  • redis3m - Wrapper of hiredis with clean C++ interface, supporting sentinel and ready to use patterns. [Apache2]
  • RocksDB - Embedded key-value store for fast storage from facebook. [BSD]
  • SimDB - High performance, shared memory, lock free, cross platform, single file, minimal dependencies, C++11 key-value store. [Apache2]
  • SOCI - A database abstraction layer for C++. [Boost]
  • Speedb - Community-led project: A RocksDB compliant high performance scalable embedded key-value store. [Apache2]
  • SQLite - A completely embedded, full-featured relational database in a few 100k that you can include right into your project. [PublicDomain]
  • SQLiteC++ - SQLiteC++ (SQLiteCpp) is a smart and easy to use C++ SQLite3 wrapper. [MIT]
  • sqlite_modern_cpp - Header only C++14 wrapper around sqlite library. [MIT]
  • sqlite_orm - SQLite ORM light header only library for modern C++. [AGPL + paid MIT]
  • sqlpp11 - A type safe embedded domain specific language for SQL queries and results in C++. [BSD-2-Clause]
  • TileDB - Fast Dense and Sparse Multidimensional Array DBMS. [MIT] website
  • UnQLite - A self-contained, serverless, zero-configuration, transactional NoSQL engine. [BSD-2-Clause] website
  • upscaledb - An embedded "typed" key/value store with a built-in query interface. [GPLv3]

Data visualization

Data visualization Libraries


Debugging Libraries, Memory Leak and Resource Leak Detection, Unit Testing

  • backward-cpp - A beautiful stack trace pretty printer for C++. [MIT]
  • benchmark - Google provided small microbenchmark support library. [Apache2]
  • Boost.Test - Boost Test Library. [Boost] website
  • check - Check is a unit testing framework for C. [LGPL-2.1] website
  • doctest - The lightest feature rich C++ single header testing framework. [MIT]
  • Catch2 - A modern, C++-native, test framework for unit-tests, TDD and BDD. [Boost]
  • Celero - C++ Benchmarking Framework. [Apache2]
  • CppUTest - Unit testing and mocking framework for C/C++. [BSD-3-clause]
  • CUTE - C++ Unit Testing Easier. [LGPL3]
  • CMocka - unit testing framework for C with support for mock objects. [Apache2]
  • CppUnit - C++ port of JUnit. [LGPL2]
  • CTest - The CMake test driver program. [BSD]
  • dbg-macro - A dbg(…) macro for C++. [MIT]
  • DebugViewPP - Debug logging viewer. [Boost]
  • Deleaker - A tool for resource leak detection, including memory, GDI and handle leaks.
  • FakeIt - Simple mocking framework for C++. [MIT]
  • fff - A micro-framework for creating fake C functions. [MIT]
  • Google Mock - A library for writing and using C++ mock classes. [BSD]
  • Google Test - Google C++ Testing Framework. [BSD]
  • ig-debugheap - Multiplatform debug heap useful for tracking down memory errors. [BSD]
  • libtap - Write tests in C. [GPL2]
  • microprofile - Profiler with web-view for multiple platforms. [Unlicense]
  • MinUnit - A minimal unit testing framework for C self-contained in a single header file. [MIT]
  • Mockator - Eclipse CDT plug-in for C++ Seams and Mock Objects.
  • nanobench - Simple, fast, accurate single-header microbenchmarking functionality for C++11/14/17/20. [MIT] website
  • Nanotimer - A simple low-overhead cross-platform timer class for benchmarking. [zLib] website
  • Nonius - A C++ micro-benchmarking framework. [CC]
  • Remotery - Single C File Profiler with Web Viewer. [Apache2]
  • snitch - Lightweight C++20 testing framework. [Boost]
  • Touca - Open-source regression testing system that you can self-host. [Apache2] website
  • UnitTest++ - A lightweight unit testing framework for C++. [MIT/X Consortium license]
  • Unity - Simple Unit Testing for C. [MIT]
  • utest.h - Single header unit testing framework for C and C++. [Unlicense]
  • μt - C++20 single header/single module, macro-free μ(micro)/Unit Testing Framework. [Boost]
  • VLD - Visual Leak Detector. A free, robust, open-source memory leak detection system for Visual C++.


  • Doxide - Modern documentation for modern C++, configure with YAML, output Markdown. [Apache 2.0] website
  • doxygen ⚡ - The de facto standard tool for generating documentation from annotated C++ sources. [GPL2] website
  • doxyrest - A compiler from Doxygen XML to reStructuredText for Sphinx. [MIT]
  • hdoc - The modern documentation tool for C++. [AGPL/Commercial] website
  • Natural Docs - Natural Docs is an open source documentation generator for multiple programming languages. [AGPL/Commercial] website
  • Sphinx - Sphinx makes it easy to create intelligent and beautiful documentation. [BSD-2-Clause] website


Digital signal processing.

  • DSPFilters - A collection of useful C++ classes for digital signal processing. [MIT]
  • FFTW - A C library for computing the DFT in one or more dimensions. [GPL]
  • iir1 - IIR Realtime C++ filter library. [MIT]
  • kissfft - A Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) library that tries to Keep it Simple, Stupid. [BSD-3-Clause]
  • pocketfft - FFT implementation based on FFTPack, but with several improvements. [BSD-3-Clause]
  • wavelib - C implementation of 1D and 2D wavelet transforms. [BSD-3-Clause]


Libraries for parsing and manipulating font files.

  • Fontconfig - Font configuration and customization library. [MIT] website
  • FreeType - FreeType is a freely available software library to render fonts. [FTL & GPLv2]
  • otfcc - A C library and utility used for parsing and writing OpenType font files. [Apache-2.0]
  • harfbuzz - A text shaping engine. [Old MIT]

Game Engine

  • Acid - A high speed C++17 Vulkan game engine. [MIT]
  • Allegro - A cross-platform library mainly aimed for video games and multimedia programming. [zlib]
  • Cocos2d-x - A multi-platform framework for building 2d games, interactive books, demos and other graphical applications. [MIT]
  • Corange - A game engine written in pure C, SDL and OpenGL. [BSD]
  • crown - Crown is a general purpose data-driven game engine, written from scratch in orthodox C++ with a minimalistic and data-oriented design philosophy in mind. [MIT]
  • delta3d - A robust simulation platform. [LGPL2]
  • EnTT - Gaming meets modern C++. [MIT]
  • GamePlay - A cross-platform native C++ game framework for creating 2D/3D mobile and desktop games. [Apache2]
  • Godot - A fully featured, open source, MIT licensed, game engine. [MIT]
  • Grit - Community project to build a free game engine for implementing open world 3D games. [MIT]
  • Halley - A lightweight game engine written in C++14 with a "true" entity-component system. [Apache 2.0]
  • KlayGE - a cross-platform open source game engine with plugin-based architecture. [GPLv2] website
  • nCine - A cross-platform 2D game engine with an emphasis on performance, written in C++11 and optionally scriptable in Lua. [MIT] website
  • o3de - An open-source, real-time, multi-platform 3D engine based on Amazon Lumberyard. [Apache2] website
  • OpenXRay - a community-modified X-Ray engine used in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game series. [Modified BSD/non-commercial only]
  • Oxygine - A cross-platform 2D C++ game engine. [MIT]
  • Panda3D - A game engine, a framework for 3D rendering and game development for Python and C++ programs. [Modified BSD] website
  • PixelGameEngine - The official distribution of olcPixelGameEngine, a tool used in javidx9's YouTube videos and projects. [OLC3]
  • Polycode - A cross-platform framework for creative code in C++ (with Lua bindings). [MIT] website
  • quakeforge - Actively maintained branch of the original Quake engine code with 20+ years of development. [GPL-2.0]
  • raylib - A simple and easy-to-use library to enjoy videogames programming. [zlib/libpng] website
  • Spring - A powerful free cross-platform RTS game engine. [GPLv2/GPLv3] website
  • Torque2D - An open-source and cross-platform C++ engine built for 2D game development. [MIT] website
  • Torque3D - An open-source C++ engine built for 3D game development. [MIT] website
  • toy engine - toy is a thin and modular c++ game engine and offers simple expressive c++ idioms to design full featured 2D or 3D games in fast iterations.
  • Urho3D - A free lightweight, cross-platform 2D and 3D game engine implemented in C++. Greatly inspired by OGRE and Horde3D. [MIT]
  • ezEngine - Is a free, open-source game engine written in C++. Its philosophy is to be modular and flexible, such that it can be adapted to many different use cases. [MIT] website


  • CXXGraph - free C++(17) graph header-only library for representation and algorithms execution. [AGPL-3.0]
  • Graaf - A general-purpose lightweight C++20 graph library. [MIT] website


Graphic User Interface

  • Boden - Native, mobile, cross-platform GUI Framework. [GPL/LGPL/Commercial] website
  • CEGUI - Flexible, cross-platform GUI library.
  • Elements - Lightweight, fine-grained, resolution independent, modular GUI library. [MIT]
  • FLTK - Fast, light, cross-platform C++ GUI toolkit. [GPL2]
  • GacUI - GPU Accelerated C++ User Interface, with WYSIWYG developing tools, XML supports, built-in data binding and MVVM features. [Ms-PL]
  • GTK+ - A multi-platform toolkit for creating graphical user interfaces. [LGPL]
  • gtkmm - The official C++ interface for the popular GUI library GTK+. [LGPL]
  • imgui - Immediate Mode Graphical User Interface with minimal dependencies. [MIT]
  • implot - Immediate Mode Plotting widgets for imgui. [MIT]
  • iup - Multi-platform toolkit for building graphical user interfaces. [MIT]
  • libui - Simple and portable (but not inflexible) GUI library in C that uses the native GUI technologies of each platform it supports. [MIT]
  • MyGUI - Fast, flexible and simple GUI. [MIT]
  • nana - Nana is a cross-platform library for GUI programming in modern C++ style. [Boost]
  • NanoGui - A minimalistic cross-platform widget library for OpenGL 3.x or higher. [BSD]
  • nuklear - A single-header ANSI C gui library. [PublicDomain]
  • QCustomPlot - Qt plotting widget without further dependencies. [GPLv3]
  • Qwt - Qt Widgets for Technical Applications. [Own based on LGPL]
  • QwtPlot3D - A feature-rich Qt/OpenGL-based C++ programming library, providing essentially a bunch of 3D-widgets. [zlib]
  • RmlUi - The HTML/CSS User Interface library evolved. Fork of libRocket. [MIT]
  • Sciter - Sciter is an embeddable HTML/CSS/scripting engine aimed to be used as an UI layer of modern desktop applications. [Free/Commercial]
  • Slint - Lightweight GUI toolkit for desktop and embedded. [GPL/Free/Commercial] website
  • wxWidgets - A C++ library that lets developers create applications for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and other platforms with a single code base. [Own LGPL]
  • xtd - Modern C++17/20 framework to create console (CLI), forms (GUI like WinForms) and tunit (unit tests like Microsoft Unit Testing Framework) applications on Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and android. [MIT]
  • Yue - A library for creating native cross-platform GUI apps. [LGPLv2]


  • assimp - Open Asset Import Library (assimp) is a cross-platform 3D model import library which aims to provide a common API for different 3D asset file formats. [BSD-3-Clause] website
  • bgfx - A cross-platform rendering library. [BSD]
  • Blend2D - 2D vector graphics engine powered by a JIT compiler. [Zlib] website
  • Cairo - A 2D graphics library with support for multiple output devices. [LGPL2 or Mozilla MPL]
  • C-Turtle - A C++11 header-only turtle graphics library acting as a CImg wrapper. [MIT]
  • Diligent Engine - A modern cross-platform low-level 3D graphics library. [Apache2]
  • DirectXTK - A collection of helper classes for writing DirectX 11.x code in C++. [MIT]
  • GLFW - A simple, cross-platform OpenGL wrangling library. [zlib/libpng]
  • GLFWPP - A thin modern C++17 header-only wrapper for GLFW. [MIT]
  • Harfang 3D 3D visualization library usable in C++, Python, Lua and Go. Based on BGFX. [GPLv3/LGPLv3/Commercial] website
  • herebedragons - A basic 3D scene implemented with various engines, frameworks or APIs. [MIT] website
  • Horde3D - A small 3D rendering and animation engine. [EPL]
  • Ion - A small and efficient set of libraries for building cross-platform client or server applications that use 3D graphics. [Apache2] website
  • Irrlicht - A high performance realtime 3D engine written in C++. [zlib]
  • libigl - Simple C++ geometry processing library. [MPL2]
  • LLGL - Low Level Graphics Library (LLGL) is a thin abstraction layer for the modern graphics APIs. [BSD-3-Clause]
  • magnum - Lightweight and modular C++11/C++14 graphics middleware for games and data visualization. [MIT] website
  • micro-gl - Realtime, Embeddable, Headers Only C++11 CPU vector graphics. no STD lib, no FPU and no GPU required. [CUSTOM] website
  • NanoVG - Antialiased 2D vector drawing library on top of OpenGL for UI and visualizations. [Zlib]
  • Ogre 3D ⚡ - A scene-oriented, real-time, flexible 3D rendering engine (as opposed to a game engine) written in C++. [MIT] website
  • OpenSceneGraph - An open source high performance 3D graphics toolkit. [OSGPL]
  • OpenSubdiv - Pixar's library for evaluating and rendering subdivision surfaces on CPU and GPU. [Modified Apache2]
  • OpenVDB - Library and tools for storing, editing, and rendering volumetric datasets. [MPL2]
  • Panda3D - A framework for 3D rendering and game development for Python and C++. [BSD]
  • Partio - Library for wrangling particle data, with support for most common file formats. [Modified BSD]
  • Skia - A complete 2D graphic library for drawing Text, Geometries, and Images. [BSD] website
  • TinySpline - A small, yet powerful ANSI C library for interpolating, transforming, and querying arbitrary NURBS, B-Splines, and Bézier curves. [MIT]
  • urho3d - Cross-platform rendering and game engine. [Many different, mostly MIT]
  • Yocto/GL - Tiny C++ Libraries for Data-Driven Physically-based Graphics. [MIT]

Image Processing

  • Boost.GIL - Generic Image Library. [Boost] website
  • BitmapPlusPLus - Simple and Fast header only Bitmap C++ library. [MIT]
  • CImg - A small, open source, C++ toolkit for image processing. [Own LGPL or GPL]
  • CxImage - An image processing and conversion library to load, save, display, transform BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, MNG, ICO, PCX, TGA, WMF, WBMP, JBG, J2K images. [zlib]
  • Dlib ⚡ - A modern C++11 machine learning, computer vision, numerical optimization, and deep learning toolkit. [Boost] website
  • FreeImage - An open source library that supports popular graphics image formats and others as needed by today's multimedia applications. [GPL2 or GPL3]
  • GD - GD Graphics Library, famously used in PHP for image loading/manipulation & thumbnail generation. [custom permissive license, requires mention in user docs] website
  • DCMTK - DICOM Toolkit.
  • GDCM - Grassroots DICOM library.
  • ITK - An open-source, cross-platform system for image analysis. [Apache2 from ITK 4.0]
  • Leptonica - Leptonica is an open source library containing software that is broadly useful for image processing and image analysis applications. [BSD-2-Clause] website
  • libfacedetection - Open source library for face detection in images. The face detection speed can reach 1500FPS. [BSD]
  • libjpeg-turbo - A JPEG image codec that uses SIMD instructions to accelerate baseline JPEG encoding and decoding. [IJG & BSD-3-Clause & zlib] website
  • libvips - A fast image processing library with low memory needs. [LGPL] website
  • Magick++ - ImageMagick program interfaces for C++. [Apache2]
  • MagickWnd - ImageMagick program interfaces for C. [Apache2]
  • OpenCV ⚡ - Open source computer vision. [Apache2] website
  • OpenEXR - Cross-platform library for high dynamic range imaging. [Modified BSDF]
  • OpenImageIO - Powerful image and texture wrangling library with support for a wide number of common lossy and RAW formats. [Modified BSD]
  • SAIL - Easy-to-use cross-platform image decoding library with pluggable image codecs. [MIT]
  • Simd - C++ image processing library with using of SIMD: SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSSE3, SSE4.1, SSE4.2, AVX, AVX2, AVX-512, VMX(Altivec) and VSX(Power7), NEON for ARM. [MIT]
  • stb-image - STB single-header image loading library. [Public Domain]
  • tesseract-ocr - An OCR engine. [Apache2]
  • TinyEXIF - Tiny ISO-compliant C++ EXIF and XMP parsing library for JPEG. [MIT]
  • Video++ - A C++14 high performance video and image processing library. [MIT]
  • VIGRA - A generic C++ computer vision library for image analysis. [MIT X11]
  • VTK - Open-source, freely available software system for 3D computer graphics, image processing and visualization. [BSD]


  • gettext - GNU 'gettext'. [GPL2]
  • IBM ICU - A set of C/C++ and Java libraries providing Unicode and Globalization support. [ICU]
  • libiconv - An encoding conversion library between different character encodings. [GPL]
  • uni-algo - Unicode Algorithms Implementation for C/C++. [Unlicense or MIT]
  • utf8.h - Single header utf8 string functions for C and C++. [Unlicense]
  • utf8proc - A clean C library for processing UTF-8 Unicode data. [MIT]

Inter-process communication

  • Apache Thrift - Efficient cross-language IPC/RPC, works between C++, Java, Python, PHP, C#, and many more other languages. Originally developed by Facebook. [Apache2]
  • Boost.Interprocess - Header-only Boost library that supports kernel-level shared memory and memory-mapped files, with in-built synchronization mechanisms (semaphores, mutexes, and more). [Boost] website
  • Cap'n Proto - Fast data interchange format and capability-based RPC system. [MIT] website
  • eCAL - Pub/sub, client/server, C++/Python/C#, various message protocols (protobuf, capnproto ..). [Apache2] website
  • gRPC - A high performance, open source, general-purpose RPC framework. [BSD] website
  • Ice - Comprehensive RPC framework with support for C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Python and more. [GPLv2]
  • iceoryx - True zero-copy inter-process communication framework for safety critical systems with bindings for C, Rust. Runs on Linux, QNX, Windows, Mac OS, FreeBSD. [Apache2] website
  • libjson-rpc-cpp - JSON-RPC framework for C++ servers and clients. [MIT]
  • nanomsg - A simple high-performance implementation of several "scalability protocols". [MIT] website
  • nng - nanomsg-next-generation, a light-weight brokerless messaging library. [MIT] website
  • rpclib - A modern C++ msgpack-RPC server and client library. [MIT]
  • simple-rpc-cpp - A simple RPC wrapper generator to C/C++ functions. [BSD]
  • SRPC - A lightweight RPC system that supports multiple protocols and OpenTelemetry. [Apache2]
  • WAMP - Provides RPC and pub/sub messaging patterns. (various implementations, various languages)
  • xmlrpc-c - A lightweight RPC library based on XML and HTTP. [BSD]


  • Boost.PropertyTree - A property tree parser/generator that can be used to parse XML/JSON/INI/Info files. [Boost] website
  • cJSON - Ultralightweight JSON parser in ANSI C. [MIT]
  • frozen - JSON parser and generator for C/C++. [GPL & GPL2]
  • Glaze - Extremely fast, in memory, JSON and interface library for modern C++. [MIT]
  • Jansson - C library for encoding, decoding and manipulating JSON data. [MIT]
  • jbson - jbson is a library for building & iterating BSON data, and JSON documents in C++14. [Boost]
  • JeayeSON - A very sane (header only) C++ JSON library. [BSD]
  • Jsmn - A minimalistic JSON parser in C. [MIT]
  • json ⚡ - JSON for Modern C++. [MIT] website
  • JSON++ - A JSON parser in C++. [MIT]
  • json.h - A simple one header/one source solution to parsing JSON in C and C++. [Unlicense]
  • json-build - C89 tiny zero-allocation JSON serializer. [MIT]
  • json-c - A JSON implementation in C. [MIT]
  • jsoncons - A C++ header-only library for JSON and JSON-like binary formats with JSONPointer, JSONPatch, JSONPath and JMESPath. [Boost]
  • JsonCpp - A C++ library for interacting with JSON. [MIT]
  • jsonParse - A simple JSON parser in ANSI C. [MIT]
  • json-parser - Very low footprint JSON parser written in portable ANSI C. [BSD]
  • json11 - A tiny JSON library for C++11. [MIT]
  • json-struct - High performance, single header JSON parser parsing to and from C++ structs. [MIT]
  • json-voorhees - JSON library for C++. Support for C++11. No dependencies, fast and dev-friendly. [Apache2]
  • jute - Very simple C++ JSON Parser. [PublicDomain]
  • libjson - A JSON parser and printer library in C. easy to integrate with any model. [LGPL]
  • libjson - Lightweight JSON library. [?]
  • LIBUCL ⚡ - Universal configuration library parser. [BSD-2-Clause]
  • parson - Parson is a lighweight json library written in C. [MIT]
  • PicoJSON - A header-file-only, JSON parser serializer in C++. [BSD]
  • qt-json - A simple class for parsing JSON data into a QVariant hierarchy and vice versa. [GPLv3]
  • QJson - A qt-based library that maps JSON data to QVariant objects. [LGPL2]
  • RapidJSON ⚡ - A fast JSON parser/generator for C++ with both SAX/DOM style API. [MIT] website
  • sajson - Lightweight, extremely high-performance JSON parser for C++11. [MIT]
  • simdjson - Extremely fast JSON library that can parse gigabytes of JSON per second. [Apache-2.0]
  • taoJSON - Zero-dependency C++ header-only JSON library. [MIT]
  • ujson - µjson is a a small, C++11, UTF-8, JSON library. [MIT]
  • UltraJSON - Ultra fast JSON decoder and encoder written in C. [BSD-3-Clause]
  • YAJL - A fast streaming JSON parsing library in C. [ISC]
  • yyjson - A high performance JSON library written in ANSI C. [MIT]


  • Blackhole - Attribute-based logging framework, which is designed to be fast, modular and highly customizable. [MIT]
  • Boost.Log - Designed to be very modular and extensible. [Boost] website
  • Easylogging++ - Extremely light-weight high performance logging library for C++11 (or higher) applications. [MIT]
  • fmtlog - A performant fmtlib-style logging library with latency in nanoseconds. [MIT]
  • G3log - Asynchronous logger with Dynamic Sinks. [PublicDomain]
  • glog - C++ implementation of the Google logging module.
  • Log4cpp - A library of C++ classes for flexible logging to files, syslog, IDSA and other destinations. [LGPL]
  • log4cplus - A simple to use C++ logging API providing thread-safe, flexible, and arbitrarily granular control over log management and configuration. [BSD & Apache2]
  • loguru - A lightweight C++ logging library. [PublicDomain]
  • plog - Portable and simple log for C++ in less than 1000 lines of code. [MPL2]
  • reckless - Low-latency, high-throughput, asynchronous logging library for C++. [MIT]
  • spdlog - Super fast, header only, C++ logging library.
  • templog - A very small and lightweight C++ library which you can use to add logging to your C++ applications. [Boost]
  • P7Baical - An open source and cross-platform library for high-speed sending telemetry & trace data with minimal usage of CPU and memory. [LGPL]
  • Quill - Asynchronous cross platform low latency logging library. [MIT]

Machine Learning

  • Caffe - A fast framework for neural networks. [BSD]
  • CCV - C-based/Cached/Core Computer Vision Library, A Modern Computer Vision Library. [BSD]
  • darknet - Open source neural network framework written in C and CUDA. [PublicDomain] website
  • Dlib ⚡ - A modern C++11 machine learning, computer vision, numerical optimization, and deep learning toolkit. [Boost] website
  • Fido - A highly-modular C++ machine learning library for embedded electronics and robotics. [MIT] website
  • flashlight - A fast, flexible machine learning library from Facebook AI Research written entirely in C++ and based on the ArrayFire tensor library. [BSD-3-Clause] website
  • libsvm - A simple, easy-to-use, efficient library for Support Vector Machines. [BSD-3-Clause] website
  • m2cgen - A CLI tool to transpile trained classic ML models into a native C code with zero dependencies. [MIT]
  • MeTA - A modern C++ data sciences toolkit. [MIT] website
  • Minerva - A fast and flexible system for deep learning. [Apache2]
  • mlpack - A scalable c++ machine learning library. [LGPLv3] website
  • OpenCV ⚡ - Open Source Computer Vision Library. [BSD] website
  • oneDAL - A powerful machine learning library that helps speed up big data analysis. [Apache]
  • ONNX runtime - C and C++ library for training and inference ONNX models. ONNX is a standard that AI models can be converted into, regardless of the library they are trained with. [MIT] website
  • Recommender - C library for product recommendations/suggestions using collaborative filtering (CF). [BSD]
  • RNNLIB - RNNLIB is a recurrent neural network library for sequence learning problems. [GPLv3]
  • SHOGUN - The Shogun Machine Learning Toolbox. [GPLv3]
  • sofia-ml - The suite of fast incremental algorithms for machine learning. [Apache2]
  • VLFeat - The VLFeat open source library implements popular computer vision algorithms specialising in image understanding and local featurexs extraction and matching. [BSD-2-Clause] website
  • xgboost - Scalable, Portable and Distributed Gradient Boosting (GBDT, GBRT or GBM) Library, for Python, R, Java, Scala, C++ and more. Runs on single machine, Hadoop, Spark, Flink and DataFlow. [Apache2]
  • ncnn - A high-performance neural network inference computing framework optimized for mobile platforms. [BSD]


  • Apophenia - A C library for statistical and scientific computing. [GPL2]
  • Armadillo - Fast C++ library for linear algebra & scientific computing. [Apache2] website
  • autodiff - A modern, fast and expressive C++ library for automatic differentiation. [MIT] website
  • blaze - high-performance C++ math library for dense and sparse arithmetic. [BSD]
  • Boost.Multiprecision - provides higher-range/precision integer, rational and floating-point types in C++, header-only or with GMP/MPFR/LibTomMath backends. [Boost] website
  • ceres-solver - C++ library for modeling and solving large complicated nonlinear least squares problems from google. [BSD]
  • CGAL - Collection of efficient and reliable geometric algorithms. [LGPL&GPL] website
  • cml - free C++ math library for games and graphics. [Boost]
  • CNL - A Compositional Numeric Library for C++. [Boost]
  • DirectXMath - An all inline SIMD C++ linear algebra library for use in games and graphics apps.
  • Dlib ⚡ - A modern C++11 machine learning, computer vision, numerical optimization, and deep learning toolkit. [Boost] website
  • Eigen - A high-level C++ library of template headers for linear algebra, matrix and vector operations, numerical solvers and related algorithms. [MPL2]
  • ExprTk - The C++ Mathematical Expression Toolkit Library (ExprTk) is a simple to use, easy to integrate and extremely efficient run-time mathematical expression parser and evaluation engine. [MIT]
  • Geometric Tools - C++ library for computing in the fields of mathematics, graphics, image analysis and physics. [Boost] website
  • GLM - Header-only C++ math library that matches and inter-operates with OpenGL's GLSL math. [MIT] website
  • GMTL - Graphics Math Template Library is a collection of tools implementing Graphics primitives in generalized ways. [GPL2]
  • GMP - A C library for arbitrary precision arithmetic, operating on signed integers, rational numbers, and floating-point numbers. [LGPL3 & GPL2]
  • Klein - A fast, SIMD-optimized C++17 Geometric Algebra library for point, line, and plane projections, intersections, joins, rigid-body motion, and more. [MIT] website
  • linalg.h - Single header, public domain, short vector math library for C++. [Unlicense]
  • MatX - A GPU-accelerated C++17 numerical computing library with a MATLAB/Python-like syntax. [BSD 3-clause]
  • MIRACL - A Multiprecision Integer and Rational Arithmetic Cryptographic Library. [AGPL]
  • NumCpp - A templatized header only C++ implementation of the Python Numpy library. [MIT]
  • muparser - muParser is an extensible high performance math expression parser library written in C++. [MIT]
  • LibTomMath - A free open source portable number theoretic multiple-precision integer library written entirely in C. [PublicDomain & WTFPL] website
  • linmath.h - A lean linear math library, aimed at graphics programming. [WTFPL]
  • lp_solve - A library used to formulate and solve linear programming problems. [LGPL] website
  • OpenBLAS - An optimized BLAS library based on GotoBLAS2 1.13 BSD version. [BSD 3-clause] website
  • PCG-rand - PCG is a family of simple fast space-efficient statistically good algorithms for random number generation. Unlike many general-purpose RNGs, they are also hard to predict. [Apache]
  • QuantLib - A free/open-source library for quantitative finance. [Modified BSD] website
  • StatsLib - A C++ header-only library of statistical distribution functions. [Apache2] website
  • SymEngine - Fast symbolic manipulation library, a rewriting of SymPy's core in C++. [MIT]
  • TinyExpr - A C library for parsing and evaluating math expressions from strings. [zlib]
  • Vc - SIMD Vector Classes for C++. [BSD]
  • Versor - A (fast) Generic C++ library for Geometric Algebras, including Euclidean, Projective, Conformal, Spacetime (etc).
  • Wykobi - A C++ library of efficient, robust and simple to use C++ 2D/3D oriented computational geometry routines. [MIT]
  • xtensor - A C++14 library for numerical analysis with multi-dimensional array expressions, inspired by NumPy syntax. [BSD 3-clause] website
  • universal - A C++14 header-only library implementing arbitrary posit arithmetic. The posit number system is a tapered floating point that is more efficient than IEEE floating point. Posits enable reproducible computational science. [MIT license]

Memory Allocation

  • Boehm GC - Conservative garbage collector for C and C++. [similar to X11] website
  • C Smart Pointers - Smart pointers for the (GNU) C programming language. [MIT]
  • Hoard - Fast, Scalable, and Memory-efficient Malloc for Linux, Windows, and Mac. [GPL, commercial] website
  • jemalloc - General purpose malloc(3) implementation that emphasizes fragmentation avoidance and scalable concurrency support. [BSD] website
  • memory - STL compatible C++ memory allocator library. [ZLib]
  • memory-allocators - Custom memory allocators to improve the performance of dynamic memory allocation. [MIT]
  • mimalloc - A compact general purpose allocator with excellent performance. [MIT]
  • rpmalloc - Cross platform lock free thread caching 16-byte aligned memory allocator implemented in C. [PublicDomain]
  • snmalloc - Message passing based high-performance allocator. [MIT]
  • TCMalloc - Google's fast, multi-threaded malloc implementation. [Apache-2.0] website
  • tgc - A tiny garbage collector for C written in ~500 LOC. [BSD]


  • GStreamer - A library for constructing graphs of media-handling components. [LGPL]
  • libass - Portable subtitle renderer for the ASS/SSA subtitle format. [ISC]
  • libav - A collection of libraries and tools to process multimedia content such as audio, video, subtitles and related metadata. [LGPL v2.1+ and others] website
  • LIVE555 Streaming Media - Multimedia streaming library using open standard protocols (RTP/RTCP, RTSP, SIP). [LGPL]
  • libVLC - libVLC (VLC SDK) media framework. [GPL]
  • MediaInfoLib - Convenient unified display of the most relevant technical and tag data for video and audio files. [BSD]
  • QtAv - A multimedia playback framework based on Qt and FFmpeg to write a player easily. [LGPL] website
  • SDL ⚡ - Simple DirectMedia Layer. [zlib] website
  • SFML ⚡ - Simple and Fast Multimedia Library. [zlib] website
  • TagLib - A library for reading and editing the metadata of several popular audio formats. [LGPL/MPL] website


  • ACE - An OO Network Programming Toolkit in C++. [?MIT?]
  • Boost.Asio ⚡ - A cross-platform C++ library for network and low-level I/O programming. [Boost] website
  • Boost.Beast ⚡ - HTTP and WebSocket built on Boost.Asio in C++11. [Boost] website
  • Breep - Event based, high-level C++14 peer-to-peer library. [EUPL-1.1 (OSI approved)]
  • C++ REST SDK - C++ REST SDK (previously named Casablanca). [Apache2]
  • Restbed - C++11 Asynchronous RESTful framework. [AGPL]
  • Restinio - A header-only C++14 library that gives you an embedded HTTP/Websocket server. [BSD]
  • c-ares - A C library for asynchronous DNS requests. [MIT]
  • cpp-httplib - A single file C++11 header-only HTTP/HTTPS server library. [MIT]
  • cpp-netlib - A collection of open-source libraries for high level network programming. [Boost]
  • cpp-netlib/uri - URI parser/builder library for C++, compatible with RFC 3986 and RFC 3987. [Boost]
  • CppServer - Ultra fast and low latency asynchronous socket server & client C++ library with support TCP, SSL, UDP, HTTP, HTTPS, WebSocket protocols and 10K connections problem solution. [MIT]
  • cpr - A modern C++ HTTP requests library with a simple but powerful interface. Modeled after the Python Requests module. [MIT] website
  • curlcpp - An object oriented C++ wrapper for CURL(libcurl). [MIT]
  • DPDK - Data Plane Development Kit, libraries and drivers for fast packet processing. [BSD-3-Clause & GPL-2.0] website
  • Dyad.c - Asynchronous networking for C. [MIT]
  • ENet - Reliable UDP networking library. [MIT] website
  • evpp - C++ high performance networking with TCP/UDP/HTTP protocols. [BSD]
  • H2O - An optimized HTTP server with support for HTTP/1.x and HTTP/2. It can also be used as a library. [MIT]
  • HTTP Parser ⚡ - A http request/response parser for C. [MIT]
  • KCP - A fast and reliable ARQ protocol that helps applications to reduce network latency. [MIT]
  • libcurl - Multiprotocol file transfer library. [MIT/X derivate license]
  • libhttpserver - C++ library for creating an embedded Rest HTTP server (and more). [LGPL2.1]
  • Libmicrohttpd - GNU libmicrohttpd is a small C library that is supposed to make it easy to run an HTTP server as part of another application. [LGPL v2.1+]
  • libpcap - A portable C/C++ library for network traffic capture. [BSD] website
  • libquic - A QUIC protocol library extracted from Chromium's QUIC Implementation. [BSD]
  • librdkafka - Apache Kafka client library for C and C++. [BSD-2-Clause]
  • libwebsockets - A lightweight pure C WebSocket implementation that provides both client and server libraries. [LGPL2.1 + static link exception] website
  • Lithium - Build high performance C++ HTTP servers without being a C++ expert. [MIT]
  • lwIP - A lightweight TCP/IP stack. [Modified BSD]
  • Mongoose - Extremely lightweight webserver. [GPL2]
  • MQTT-C - A portable MQTT C client for embedded systems and PCs alike. [MIT] website
  • mTCP - Highly scalable user-level TCP stack for multicore systems. [Modified BSD]
  • Muduo - A C++ non-blocking network library for multi-threaded server in Linux. [BSD]
  • nghttp2 - HTTP/2 C Library. [MIT] website
  • Onion - HTTP server library in C designed to be lightweight and easy to use. [Apache2/GPL2]
  • PF_RING™ - High-speed packet processing framework. [LGPL-2.1] website
  • PicoHTTPParser - A tiny, primitive, fast HTTP request/response parser. [MIT]
  • POCO ⚡ - C++ class libraries and frameworks for building network- and internet-based applications that run on desktop, server, mobile and embedded systems. [Boost] website
  • Proxygen - Facebook's collection of C++ HTTP libraries including an easy to use HTTP server. [BSD]
  • RakNet - A cross platform, open source, C++ networking engine for game programmers. [BSD]
  • restclient-cpp - Simple REST client for C++. It wraps libcurl for HTTP requests. [MIT]
  • Seasocks - Simple, small, C++ embeddable webserver with WebSockets support. [BSD]
  • tlse - Single C file TLS 1.2/1.3 implementation, using tomcrypt as crypto library [BSD-2-Clause]
  • Tufão - An asynchronous web framework for C++ built on top of Qt. [LGPL2]
  • uriparser - Strictly RFC 3986 compliant URI parsing and handling library. [BSD-3-Clause]
  • uWebSockets - µWS is one of the most lightweight, efficient & scalable WebSocket & HTTP server implementations available. [Zlib]
  • WAFer - A C language-based ultra-light software platform for scalable server-side and networking applications. Think node.js for C programmers. [GPL2]
  • Wangle - A client/server application framework to build asynchronous, event-driven modern C++ services. [Apache-2.0]
  • wdt - An embeddedable library (and command line tool) aiming to transfer data between 2 systems as fast as possible over multiple TCP paths. [BSD-3-Clause]
  • WebSocket++ - C++/Boost Asio based websocket client/server library. [BSD]
  • PcapPlusPlus - a multiplatform C++ network sniffing and packet parsing and crafting framework. [Unlicense]
  • ZeroMQ - High-speed, modular asynchronous communication library. [LGPL] website


Libraries for parsing and manipulating PDF documents.

  • libharu - A free, cross platform, open-sourced software library for generating PDF. [zlib]
  • litePDF - Library to create and edit PDF documents that uses GDI functions through a device context to draw the page content. [LGPL v3 and zlib]
  • MuPDF - A lightweight PDF, XPS, and E-book viewer. [AGPL/Commercial]
  • PoDoFo - A library to work with the PDF file format. [LGPL]
  • Poppler - Open-source multi-backend PDF rendering library based on the xpdf-3.0 code base. [GPLv2/GPLv3]
  • Xpdf - Xpdf is a free PDF viewer and toolkit, including a text extractor, image converter, HTML converter, and more. [GPL v2/GPL v3]
  • DynaPDF - An easy-to-use PDF generation library. [Commercial]


Dynamics simulation engines

  • Box2D - A 2D physics engine for games. [BSD-like]
  • Bullet - A 3D physics engine for games. [zlib] website
  • Chipmunk - A fast and lightweight 2D game physics library. [MIT] website
  • LiquidFun - A 2D physics engine for games. [BSD-like]
  • Newton Dynamics - An integrated solution for real time simulation of physics environments. [zlib]
  • ODE - Open Dynamics Engine - An open source, high performance library for simulating rigid body dynamics. [BSD&LGPL]
  • Kratos - framework for building parallel, multi-disciplinary simulation software, aiming at modularity, extensibility, and high performance. [BSD] website
  • ofxBox2d - openFrameworks wrapper for Box2D. [BSD-like]
  • PhysX - An open-source realtime physics engine middleware SDK developed by Nvidia as a part of Nvidia GameWorks software suite. [BSD-3-Clause]
  • Project Chrono - An open source multi-physics simulation engine. [BSD-3-Clause] website
  • Quantum++ - A modern C++11 quantum computing library. [MIT]
  • Simbody - High-performance C++ multibody dynamics/physics library for simulating articulated biomechanical and mechanical systems like vehicles, robots, and the human skeleton. [Apache2]
  • SOFA - SOFA is an open-source framework targeting at real-time simulation, with an emphasis on medical simulation. [LGPL] website


  • config-loader - A C++17 static reflection framework, from parse configuration file to native data structure. [MIT]
  • Better Enums - Reflective enums (to string, iteration). Single header. [BSD] website
  • clReflect - C++ Reflection using clang. [MIT]
  • CPFG - A C++03 library for reflection, callback and script binding. [Apache2]
  • CPP-Reflection - C++ Reflection using clang. [MIT]
  • Easy Reflection - Easy and fast reflection + serialization solution like in Rust, Java or Go. [Apache]
  • Magic Enum - Header-only C++17 library provides static reflection for enums (to string, from string, iteration), work with any enum type without any macro or boilerplate code. [MIT]
  • magic_get - std::tuple like methods for user defined types without any macro or boilerplate code. [Boost]
  • meta - Header-only, non-intrusive and macro-free runtime reflection system in C++. [MIT]
  • Nameof - Header-only C++17 library provides nameof macros and functions to obtain the simple name of variable, type, function, macro, and enum. [MIT]
  • Ponder - A C++11 library for reflection. [MIT]
  • RTTR - A C++11 library for reflection. [MIT] website
  • TSMP - An intrusion and macro-free C++20 library for static reflection. It uses libclang to extract reflection data from your source code and makes it usable via template specialization. [MIT]
  • visit_struct - A miniature library for struct-field reflection in C++. [Boost]
  • Refureku - A C++17 runtime reflection and code generation library. [MIT]

Regular Expression

  • CppVerbalExpressions - C++ regular expressions made easy. [MIT]
  • CTRE - A Compile time PCRE (almost) compatible regular expression matcher. [MIT]
  • Hyperscan - Hyperscan is a high-performance multiple regex matching library by Intel. Provides simultaneous matching of large numbers of regexps (up to tens of thousands). Typically used in a DPI library stack. [BSD]
  • Oniguruma - A modern and flexible regular expressions library that supports a variety of character encodings. [BSD]
  • PCRE - A regular expression C library inspired by the regular expression capabilities in Perl. [BSD]
  • PIRE - Perl Incompatible Regular Expressions library by Yandex. Can be really fast (more than 400 MB/s). [LPGL v3.0]
  • RE2 - A software library for regular expressions via a finite-state machine using automata theory. [BSD-3-Clause]
  • SLRE - Super Light Regexp engine for C/C++. [GPLv2/Commercial]
  • sregex - A non-backtracking NFA/DFA-based Perl-compatible regex engine library for matching on large data streams. [BSD]


  • MOOS-IvP - A set of open source C++ modules for providing autonomy on robotic platforms, in particular autonomous marine vehicles.
  • MRPT - Mobile Robot Programming Toolkit. [BSD]
  • PCL - Point Cloud Library is a standalone, large scale, open project for 2D/3D image and point cloud processing. [BSD] website
  • Robotics Library (RL) - A self-contained C++ library for robot kinematics, motion planning and control. [BSD]
  • RobWork - A collection of C++ libraries for simulation and control of robot systems. [Apache2] website
  • ROS - Robot Operating System provides libraries and tools to help software developers create robot applications. [BSD]
  • Ruckig - Real-time motion generation for robots and machines. [MIT] website
  • YARP (Yet Another Robot Platform) - Library and toolkit for communication and device interfaces. [BSD-3-Clause] website

Scientific Computing

  • AMGCL - a header-only C++ library for solving large sparse linear systems with algebraic multigrid. [MIT]
  • FFTW - A C library for computing the DFT in one or more dimensions. [GPL]
  • GSL - GNU scientific library. [GPL]
  • preCICE - Coupling library for partitioned multi-physics simulations (FSI, CHT, and more). [LGPL] website
  • TileDB - Fast Dense and Sparse Multidimensional Array DBMS. [MIT] website
  • Trilinos - High performance PDE solvers. [BSD]
  • Torch - A scientific computing framework with wide support for machine learning algorithms that puts GPUs first. [BSD-3-Clause] website


  • AngelScript - AngelScript is a game-oriented interpreted/compiled scripting language. [zlib]
  • Boost.Python - A C++ library which enables seamless interoperability between C++ and the Python programming language. [Boost] website
  • cppimport - Import C++ files directly from Python! [MIT]
  • CppSharp - Tools and libraries to glue C/C++ APIs to high-level languages. [MIT]
  • ChaiScript - An easy to use embedded scripting language for C++. [BSD] website
  • - A foreign function interface for bash. [MIT]
  • Cython - Cython is an optimising static compiler for both the Python programming language and the extended Cython programming language (based on Pyrex). It makes writing C extensions for Python as easy as Python itself. [Apache] website
  • djinni - A tool for generating cross-language type declarations and interface bindings. [Apache2]
  • Duktape - An embeddable Javascript engine with compact footprint. [MIT] website
  • JavaCpp - The missing bridge between Java and native C++. [Apache2]
  • libffi - A portable foreign-function interface library. [MIT] website
  • Lua - A minimal and fast scripting engine for configuration files and basic application scripting. [MIT]
  • LuaBridge - A lightweight, dependency-free library for binding Lua to C++. [MIT]
  • luacxx - C++11 API for creating Lua bindings. [MIT]
  • nbind - Magical headers that make your C++ library accessible from JavaScript. [MIT]
  • PHP-CPP - A library to build PHP extensions with C++. [Apache2] website
  • pocketpy - C++17 header-only Python interpreter for game scripting. [MIT] website
  • pybind11 - Seamless operability between C++11 and Python. [BSD]
  • SIP - C or C++ Bindings Generator for Python v2 and v3. [GPL]
  • sol2 - A C++ <-> Lua API wrapper with advanced features and top notch performance. [MIT]
  • SWIG - A wrapper/interface Generator that let you link your c++ code to Javascript, Perl, PHP, Python, Tcl and Ruby. [GPL/Output not licensed] website
  • V7 - An embedded JavaScript engine. [GPL2]
  • V8 - A fast JavaScript engine by Google that can be embedded into any C++ application. [BSD]
  • ChakraCore -A JavaScript engine by Microsoft that can be embedded into nodejs. [MIT]


  • Bitsery - Header only C++ binary serialization library. [MIT]
  • Bond - An open source, cross-platform framework for working with schematized data. [MIT]
  • Boost.Serialization - Boost Serialization Library. [Boost] website
  • Cap'n Proto - Fast data interchange format and capability-based RPC system. [MIT] website
  • cereal - A C++11 library for serialization. [BSD]
  • cista - A C++17 library for zero-copy high-performance (de-)serialization. [MIT]
  • cppcodec - Header-only C++11 library to encode/decode base64, base32 and hex with consistent, flexible API. [MIT]
  • FastBinaryEncoding - Fast Binary Encoding is ultra fast and universal serialization solution for C++, C#, Go, Java, JavaScript, Kotlin, Python, Ruby, Swift. [MIT]
  • FlatBuffers - A Memory efficient serialization library. [Apache2]
  • Kaitai Struct - A declarative language to describe various binary data structures and a compiler to generate C++ parser code. [GPLv3+][MIT][Apache2]
  • MessagePack - Efficient binary serialization format "like JSON" for C and C++. [Apache2] website
  • mrpt-serialization - Versioned serialization to binary or text formats. [BSD] website
  • nanopb - Small code-size Protocol Buffers implementation in ANSI C. [Zlib]
  • protobuf - Protocol Buffers - Google's data interchange format. [BSD]
  • protobuf-c - Protocol Buffers implementation in C. [BSD]
  • SimpleBinaryEncoding - encoding and decoding application messages in binary format for low-latency applications. [Apache2]
  • upb - A small protobuf implementation in C. [BSD]
  • YAS - Very fast Yet Another Serialization library supports the binary/text/json formats. [Boost]
  • zpp_bits - Actually, the fastest modern Serialization library. Just check this video.


  • pdqsort - Pattern-defeating quicksort. [zlib]
  • Timsort - A templated stable sorting function which outperforms quicksort-based algorithms including std::sort, for reversed or semi-sorted data. [MIT]
  • Indiesort - A sort wrapper which enables the use of std::sort (& other random-access sort functions) with non-random-access containers, and also improves sort performance for large/non-trivially-copyable types in random-access containers and arrays. [zLib] website


  • libvpx - VP8/VP9 Codec SDK. [BSD]
  • FFmpeg - A complete, cross-platform solution to record, convert and stream audio and video. [LGPL2/GPL2]
  • libde265 - Open h.265 video codec implementation. [LGPL] website
  • x265 - Open h.265 video codec implementation. [GPL2] website
  • OpenH264 - Open Source H.264 Codec. [BSD] website
  • Theora - A free and open video compression format. [BSD]
  • Vireo - A lightweight and versatile video processing library by Twitter. [MIT]

Virtual Machines

  • CarpVM - "interesting" VM in C. Let's see how this goes. [GPLv3]
  • MicroPython - Aims to put an implementation of Python 3.x on a microcontroller. [MIT]
  • TinyVM - A small, fast, lightweight virtual machine written in pure ANSI C. [MIT]

Web Application Framework

  • Civetweb - Provides easy to use, powerful, C/C++ embeddable web server with optional CGI, SSL and Lua support. [MIT]
  • C++ REST SDK - Microsoft project for cloud-based client-server communication in native code using a modern asynchronous C++ API design. [MIT]
  • CppCMS - A Free High Performance Web Development Framework (not a CMS). [LGPLv3]
  • Crow - Crow is a C++ microframework for running web services. It uses routing similar to Python's Flask. [BSD] website
  • Cutelyst - A C++ Web Framework built on top of Qt, using the simple approach of Catalyst (Perl) framework. [LGPLv2.1+] website
  • Drogon - A C++14/17 based, high-performance HTTP application framework. [MIT]
  • C++ wfrest - C++ Web Framework REST API. [Apache2]
  • - Evented, high performance C web framework supporting HTTP, WebSockets, SSE and more. [MIT] website
  • Kore - ultra fast and flexible web server / framework for web applications developed in C. [ISC]
  • libOnion - lightweight library to help you create webservers in C programming language. [LGPLv3]
  • lwan - Experimental, scalable, high performance HTTP server. [GPL2]
  • oat++ - Light, zero-dependency framework to create high-performance web-services. [Apache-2.0] website
  • Pistache - Pistache is a C++ REST framework written in pure C++11 with no external dependency. [Apache2]
  • QDjango - A web framework written in C++ and built on top of the Qt library. Where possible it tries to follow django's API, hence its name. [LGPL]
  • TreeFrog Framework - High-speed and full-stack web application framework based on C++ and Qt, which supports HTTP and WebSocket protocol (with O/R mapping). [BSD] website
  • userver - Asynchronous C++17 framework with a rich set of abstractions and database drivers for fast and comfortable creation of efficient microservices, services and utilities. [Apache-2.0] website
  • Wt - A C++ library for developing web applications. [GPL/Commercial]


XML is crap. Really. There are no excuses. XML is nasty to parse for humans, and it's a disaster to parse even for computers. There's just no reason for that horrible crap to exist. - Linus Torvalds

  • Boost.PropertyTree - A property tree parser/generator that can be used to parse XML/JSON/INI/Info files. [Boost] website
  • Expat - An XML parser library written in C. [MIT]
  • Libxml2 - The XML C parser and toolkit of Gnome. [MIT]
  • libxml++ - An XML Parser for C++. [LGPL2]
  • Mini-XML - A small XML parsing library written in ANSI C. [LGPL2 with exceptions]
  • PugiXML - A light-weight, simple and fast XML parser for C++ with XPath support. [MIT]
  • RapidXml - An attempt to create the fastest XML parser possible, while retaining useability, portability and reasonable W3C compatibility. [Boost]
  • TinyXML - A simple, small, minimal, C++ XML parser that can be easily integrating into other programs. [zlib]
  • TinyXML2 - A simple, small, efficient, C++ XML parser that can be easily integrating into other programs. [zlib]
  • TinyXML++ - A completely new interface to TinyXML that uses MANY of the C++ strengths. Templates, exceptions, and much better error handling. [MIT]
  • Xerces-C++ - A validating XML parser written in a portable subset of C++. [Apache2]


  • mini-yaml - Single header YAML 1.0 C++11 serializer/deserializer. [MIT]
  • yaml-cpp - A YAML parser and emitter in C++. [MIT]
  • rapidyaml - Rapid YAML is a C++ library to parse and emit YAML. [MIT]


Useful libraries or tools that don't fit in the categories above or maybe just not categorised yet

  • access_profiler - A tool to count accesses to member variables in c++ programs. [GPL3]
  • American fuzzy lop a.k.a. afl-fuzz - Crazy fuzzing tool that automatically discovers bugs given time and minimal example input. [Apache2]
  • Argon2 - The password hash Argon2, winner of PHC. [CC0/Apache2]
  • Better String - An alternative to the string library for C which is more functional and does not have buffer overflow overrun problems. Also includes a C++ wrapper. [BSD, GPL2]
  • Boost.Signals2 - An implementation of a managed signals and slots system. [Boost] website
  • Cheat Sheets of HackingCPP - Cool cheat sheets and infographics for algorithms, views, containers, randomness, etc.
  • Concord - A Discord API wrapper library written in C. [MIT] website
  • CPPItertools - Range-based for loop add-ons inspired by the Python builtins and itertools library. [BSD-2-Clause]
  • D++ (DPP) - A lightweight, high performance and scalable C++ library for creating Discord Bots. [Apache2] website
  • DynaMix - A library which allows you to compose and modify objects at run time. [MIT]
  • fccf - A command-line tool that recursively searches a directory to find C/C++ source code matching a search string. [MIT]
  • {fmt} ⚡ - Small, safe and fast formatting library for C++. [Simplified BSD] website
  • FastFormat - Fast, Safe C++ Formatting inspired by log4j and Pantheios. [Simplified BSD]
  • casacore - A set of c++ core libraries derived from aips++. [LGPL]
  • QtVerbalExpressions - This Qt lib is based off of the C++ VerbalExpressions library. [MIT]
  • cxx-prettyprint - A pretty printing library for C++ containers. [Boost]
  • icecream-cpp - A small printing library for debugging purposes. [MIT]
  • gcc-poison - A simple header file for developers to ban unsafe C/C++ functions from applications.
  • jwt-cpp - A header only library for creating and validating JSON web tokens in C++. [MIT]
  • Kangaru - A dependency injection container for C++11 and C++14. [MIT]
  • Klib - Small and lightweight implementations of common algorithms and data structures. [MIT]
  • libsigc++ - A typesafe callback system for standard C++. [LGPL] website
  • libcpuid - A small C library for x86 CPU detection and feature extraction. [BSD]
  • libevil - The Evil License Manager. [GPLv3]
  • libnih - A lightweight library of C functions and structures. [GPL2.1]
  • libusb - A universal USB library which allows for portable access to USB devices. [LGPL2]
  • Mach7 - A Pattern-matching library for C++. [BSD]
  • mio - Cross-platform C++11 header-only library for memory mapped file IO. [MIT]
  • PEGTL - The Parsing Expression Grammar Template Library. [MIT]
  • Remote Call Framework - Inter-process communication framework for C++. [GPL2/Commercial]
  • Scintilla - A free source code editing component. [MIT]
  • SDS - Simple Dynamic Strings library for C. [BSD]
  • semver.c - A semver parser and render in ANSI C. [MIT]
  • Serial Communication Library - Cross-platform, Serial Port library written in C++. [MIT]
  • sigslot - C++ Signal/Slot Library. [PublicDomain]
  • SimpleSignal - High performance C++11 signals. [PublicDomain]
  • Stage - Mobile robot simulator. [GPL2]
  • stdman - A tool that parses archived HTML files from cppreference and generates groff-formatted manual pages for Unix-based systems. [MIT]
  • stb ⚡ - A range of single-file libraries for C/C++. [PublicDomain]
  • StrTk - A C++ library consisting of high performance string processing routines. [MIT]
  • Tulip Indicators - A C library of over 100 financial technical analysis indicators. [LGPL]
  • ub-canaries - A collection of C/C++ programs that try to get compilers to exploit undefined behavior.
  • value-category-cheatsheet A PDF cheatsheet for lvalues, rvalues, and the like. [Jank copyleft]
  • VarTypes - A feature-rich, object-oriented framework for managing variables in C++ / Qt4. [LGPL]
  • ZBar - A barcode scanner library, which allows to scan photos/images/video streams for barcodes and return their value. [LGPL2]
  • ZXing - An open-source, multi-format 1D/2D barcode image processing library implemented in Java, with ports to other languages. [Apache]
  • pprint - Pretty Printer for Modern C++. [MIT]
  • pspsdk - An open-source SDK for PSP homebrew development. [BSD/GNU GPL3]


Software for creating a development environment.


List of C or C++ compilers

  • 8cc - A Small C Compiler.
  • c - Compile and execute C "scripts" in one go! [MIT]
  • Clang - A C compiler for LLVM. Supports C++11/14/1z C11. Developed by LLVM Team. [NCSA]
  • GCC - GNU Compiler Collection. Supports C++11/14/1z C11 and OpenMP. [GNU GPL3]
  • PCC - A very old C compiler. Supports C99.
  • Intel C++ Compiler - Developed by Intel.
  • LLVM - Collection of modular and reusable compiler and toolchain technologies.
  • Microsoft Visual C++ - MSVC, developed by Microsoft.
  • Open WatCom - Watcom C, C++, and Fortran cross compilers and tools. [Sybase Open Watcom Public License]
  • Oracle Solaris Studio - C, C++ and Fortran compiler for SPARC and x86. Supports C++11. Available on Linux and Solaris. [OTN Developer License]
  • TCC - Tiny C Compiler. [LGPL]

Online Compiler

List of online C or C++ compilers

  • codechef - A simple online compiler CodeChef.
  • codepad - An online compiler/interpreter, and a simple collaboration tool.
  • coliru - Online compiler/shell with support for various C++ compilers.
  • Compiler Explorer - An interactive compiler with assembly output available.
  • CompileOnline - Compile and Execute C++ online on Linux.
  • Ideone - An online compiler and debugging tool which allows you to compile source code and execute it online in more than 60 programming languages.
  • Programiz - An online compiler for learners and developers.
  • - A powerful yet simple tools and platforms for educators, learners, and developers.
  • Rextester - Online compiler which provides several compilers(Clang, GCC, MSVC) and several editors.
  • Try It Online - TIO is a family of online interpreters for an evergrowing list of practical and recreational programming languages.
  • Wandbox - An online Clang/GCC compiler with Boost available.
  • - An online C/C++ compiler with multiple files supporting feature, Github(gist) integration and collaborative editing.
  • InterviewBit - A simple and easy to use online C++ compiler.


List of C or C++ debuggers

  • Comparison of debuggers - A list of Debuggers from Wikipedia.
  • GDB - GNU Debugger.
  • LLDB - The LLDB Debugger.
  • Metashell - An interactive template metaprogramming shell which includes the MDB metadebugger.
  • Valgrind - A tool for memory debugging, memory leak detection, and profiling.
  • x64dbg - An open-source x64/x32 debugger for windows.

Integrated Development Environment

List of C or C++ nominal IDEs.

  • Anjuta DevStudio - The GNOME IDE. [GPL3]
  • AppCode - an IDE for Objective-C, C, C++, and JavaScript development built on JetBrains’ IntelliJ IDEA platform.
  • Cevelop - Cross-platform C and C++ IDE based on Eclipse CDT with additional plug-ins.
  • CLion - Cross-platform C and C++ IDE from JetBrains.
  • Code::Blocks - A free C, C++ and Fortran IDE.
  • CodeLite - Another cross-plaform, free C and C++ IDE. [GPL2 with an exception for plugins]
  • color_coded - A vim plugin for libclang-based highlighting. [MIT]
  • Dev-C++ - A portable C/C++/C++11 IDE.
  • Eclipse CDT - A fully functional C and C++ IDE based on the Eclipse platform.
  • Embarcadero Dev-CPP - A fork of Dev-C++ that comes preinstalled with new themes and modern compilers. [GPLv2] website
  • Geany - Small, fast, cross-platform IDE. [GPL]
  • IBM VisualAge - A family of computer integrated development environments from IBM.
  • Irony-mode - A C/C++ minor mode for Emacs powered by libclang.
  • juCi++ - Cross-platform, lightweight C++ IDE with libclang integration. [MIT]
  • KDevelop - A free, open source IDE.
  • Microsoft Visual Studio - An IDE from Microsoft.
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Code ⚡ - An open-source IDE from Microsoft. [MIT] website
  • NetBeans - An IDE for developing primarily with Java, but also with other languages, in particular PHP, C/C++, and HTML5.
  • Qt Creator ⚡ - A cross-platform C++, JavaScript and QML IDE which is part of the SDK for Qt. [GPL3 with exceptions] website
  • rtags - A c/c++ client/server indexer with for integration with emacs based on clang.
  • Xcode - Developed by Apple.
  • YouCompleteMe - YouCompleteMe is a fast, as-you-type, fuzzy-search code completion engine for Vim.
  • cquery - A C++ code completion engine for vscode, emacs, vim, etc.

Build Systems

  • Bazel - A multi-language, fast and scalable build system from Google. [Apache]
  • Bear - A tool to generate compilation database for clang tooling. [GPLv3]
  • Buck - A fast build system that encourages the creation of small, reusable modules over a variety of platforms and languages including C++ developed and used at Facebook. Written in Java. [Apache]
  • build2 - cross-platform build, packaging and dependency management toolchain for developing and packaging C/C++ projects. [MIT]
  • clib - Package manager for the C programming language. [MIT]
  • CMake - Cross-platform free and open-source software for managing the build process of software using a compiler-independent method. [BSD]
  • Cget - Cmake package retrieval. [Boost] website
  • Conan - C/C++ Package Manager, open sourced. [MIT]
  • CPM - A C++ Package Manager based on CMake and Git.
  • FASTBuild - High performance, open-source build system supporting highly scalable compilation, caching and network distribution.
  • Hunter - CMake driven cross-platform package manager for C++. [BSD-2]
  • MesonBuild - An open source build system meant to be both extremely fast, and, even more importantly, as user friendly as possible.
  • Ninja - A small build system with a focus on speed.
  • Scons - A software construction tool configured with a Python script.
  • Sconsolidator - Scons build system integration for Eclipse CDT.
  • Spack - A flexible package manager that supports multiple versions, configurations, platforms, and compilers. [Apache-2.0/MIT]
  • SW - Cross-platform C++ (and other langs) Build System and Package Manager with a lot of packages available. [GPLv3]
  • tundra - High-performance code build system designed to give the best possible incremental build times even for very large software projects.
  • tup - File-based build system that monitors in the background for changed files.
  • Premake - A tool configured with a Lua script to generate project files for Visual Studio, GNU Make, Xcode, Code::Blocks, and more across Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.
  • Vcpkg - C++ library manager for Windows, Linux, and MacOS. [MIT]
  • waf - Python-based framework for configuring, compiling and installing applications. [BSD] website
  • XMake - A C/C++ cross-platform build utility based on Lua. [Apache]

Static Code Analysis

List of tools for improving quality and reducing defects by code analysis

  • Cppcheck - A tool for static C/C++ code analysis. - source
  • CppDepend - Simplifies managing a complex C/C++ code base by analyzing and visualizing code dependencies, by defining design rules, by doing impact analysis, and comparing different versions of the code.
  • cpplint - A C++ style checker following Google's C++ style guide.
  • PVS-Studio - A tool for bug detection in the source code of programs, written in C, C++ and C#.
  • cpp-dependencies - Tool to check C++ #include dependencies (dependency graphs created in .dot format). [Apache]
  • include-what-you-use - A tool for use with clang to analyze includes in C and C++ source files. website
  • Infer - A static analyzer for Java, C and Objective-C. [BSD]
  • OCLint - A static source code analysis tool to improve quality and reduce defects for C, C++ and Objective-C. - source
  • Clang Static Analyzer - A source code analysis tool that finds bugs in C, C++, and Objective-C programs.
  • Linticator - Eclipse CDT integration of Pc-/FlexeLint.
  • IKOS - Static analyzer for C/C++ based on the theory of Abstract Interpretation. [NOSA 1.3]
  • List of tools for static code analysis - A list of tools for static code analysis from Wikipedia.
  • OptView2 - Inspect missed Clang optimizations.
  • Trunk - Toolkit to check, test, merge, and monitor code.

Coding Style Tools

  • Artistic Style - A tool to format C/C++/C#/Obj-C/Java code. Also known as astyle.
  • ClangFormat - A tool to format C/C++/Obj-C code.
  • Clang-Tidy - Clang-based C++ linter tool.
  • EditorConfig - EditorConfig helps maintain consistent coding styles across different editors and IDEs.
  • Uncrustify - Code beautifier.


Various resources, such as books, websites, and articles for improving your C++ development skills and knowledge.

API Design


Fantastic C++ related articles.


Fantastic C or C++ related books.

Coding Standards

Coding Style


  • CppCast - The first podcast by C++ developers for C++ developers.
  • CppChat - A (sometimes) weekly look at what's going on in the world of C++ chatting with a guest from the community.



Fantastic C or C++ related videos.


Useful C or C++ related websites.


Useful C or C++ related weblogs.

Other Awesome Projects

Collection of useful codes, snippets, ...

Other Awesome Lists

Other amazingly awesome lists


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