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Memcached client

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Jeremia Baer (


pcore (HW)



Interface Types

AXI4-Lite, AXI4-Stream


S_AXIS: Slave AXI4-Stream bus, Variable width

M_AXIS: Master AXI4-Stream bus, Variable width

S_AXI: Slave AXI4-Lite


C_AXIS_DATA_WIDTH: Data width of the AXI4-Stream bus.

C_USER_WIDTH: Data width of the TUSER field.

Register map

localparam [31:0] REG_RUN = BASEADDR + 32'h00000000;

  • start/stop packet generator localparam [31:0] REG_COUNTER_RESET = BASEADDR + 32'h00000001;
  • set and unset to reset statistics localparam [31:0] REG_IFG = BASEADDR + 32'h00000002;
  • inter frame gap used between repeated requests localparam [31:0] REG_ONESHOT = BASEADDR + 32'h00000003;
  • write to this address to trigger a latency measurement
  • read from this address to get the result of the latest measurement
  • the MSB is used as a valid bit:
    • triggering a measurement sets this bit to 0.
    • when a response is recieved (or after 5sec), the bit is set to 1 localparam [31:0] REG_TX_COUNT = BASEADDR + 32'h00000010;
  • counts the number of packets sent localparam [31:0] REG_RX_COUNT = BASEADDR + 32'h00000011;
  • counts the number of packets received that match the check/RX buffer localparam [31:0] REG_ERR_COUNT = BASEADDR + 32'h00000012;
  • counts the number of packets received that do not match the check/RX buffer localparam [31:0] REG_STREAMBLOCK = BASEADDR + 32'h00000020;
  • update the send/TX and check/RX buffers. an update is performed by 764 subsequent writes to this register as follows:
    • write 1: Number of 8-byte data words the send/TX buffers consists of
    • write 2: Strobe field for the last 8-byte data word of the send/TX buffer
    • write 3-382: 380 writes of 4 bytes of the send/TX buffer in each (for a total of 1520B)
    • write 383-764: the same for the check/RX buffer


This module implements the packet generator/checker/latency measurement/validiation functionality of the memcached_client project. It has two AXI4-Streams (Master/Slave) to send/receive network packets. For configuration and control it has an AXI4-Lite interface. A detailed description of the functionality and usage can be found in the memcached_client project {reference please}.

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