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IP Library

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NetFPGA-10G leverages Xilinx's large AXI-based IP core library and builds all NetFPGA-10G native IP as AXI-compliant pcores. See here for more information on the AXI standard.

IP cores with a "nf10_" prefix were developed by the NetFPGA team, while those without this prefix were taken or derived from Xilinx IP. Many of these "non-nf10" pcores were modified from Xilinx IP so as to be synthesizable for Virtex-5 devices, since they were originally designed to be Virtex-6 specific. We do not have documentation here for those types of pcores, but rather defer to Xilinx for such information. For more details on how we were able to port these pcores to Virtex-5, please see the document "Port an AXI IP to Virtex-5 device".

Here is some information that may be useful for IP development


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