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NetFPGA 1G CML Licensing

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The NetFPGA-10G code base is covered under version 2.1 of the GNU LGPL. Xilinx IP, however, is an exception to this and covered under Xilinx licenses. The following is information on how to obtain a license for various Xilinx IP.

Xilinx ISE/EDK

The XC7K325T FPGA is not one of the freely available Webpack supported devices. In order to build the NetFPGA-1G-CML projects, you'll need a license for Xilinx ISE/EDK.

If you are affiliated with a university, check with your system administrators to see if they already have a Xilinx university licensing agreement in place. If they do not, you may wish to request that they contact the Xilinx University Program for more details.

If you are not affiliated with a university, you can obtain a 30-day ISE/EDK design suite evaluation license from Xilinx that includes everything you need to re-generate the bitstreams. The least expensive permanent solution is to purchase a node locked ISE/EDK design suite from Avnet.

It is also possible to port the reference designs to Xilinx's more advanced Vivado Design Suite, and depending on your objectives, that may provide the best long term solution.

Tri-Mode Ethernet Media Access Controller (TEMAC) Optional

By default, an open source 1G only MAC is selected and will not require any additional licenses. For 10/100/1000 operation, the Xilinx Tri-Mode Ethernet MAC (TEMAC) IP is required. This optional functionality set requires a Xilinx license. More information about the TEMAC and licensing options can be found from Xilinx.

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