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1G MAC Interface

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pcore (HW)



Interface Types

SGMII, AXI4-Stream


M_AXIS_0, M_AXIS_1: Master AXI4-Stream (RX) bus, 8bit

S_AXIS_0, S_AXIS_1: Slave AXI4-Stream (TX) bus, 8bit

M_AXIS_ERR_0, M_AXIS_ERR_1: Master AXI4-Stream (ERR) bus, 0bit, handshake only


C_M_AXIS_DATA_WIDTH: Data width of the master AXI4-Stream (RX) bus. Must be 8

C_S_AXIS_DATA_WIDTH: Data width of the slave AXI4-Stream (TX) bus. Must be 8

Register map

No registers are implemented for v1.00a.


This pcore is a combination of Xilinx Vitex-5 Embedded Tri-mode Ethernet MAC (TEMAC) and an AXI4-Stream adapter. Incoming SGMII signals from AEL2005 are received by the TEMAC and finally transformed into AXI4-Stream. The TX side follows the exact same path but in the opposite direction. Although we use "Tri-mode" MAC, due to the limitation of AEL2005, only Gigabit Ethernet mode is supported.

The Virtex-5 Embedded Tri-mode Ethernet MAC is a dual-MAC hard IP. Hence, each pore has two independent groups of buses, corresponding to each MAC.

There is one additional AXI4-Stream bus for transmitting bad_frame signal provided by Xilinx TEMAC. For more information about NetFPGA Standard IP Interfaces, please see here.

External references

  1. AXI Spec:

  2. Xilinx 10G MAC:

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