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Commit Signature Format

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The commit message should include signatures for those involved with creating and reviewing the code.

This format is also documented in Contributions.txt which may be available in the source tree as well.

Name format

Where to add signatures

  • All signatures should be at the end of the commit log message
  • Following the message, there should be one blank line and then the signatures
  • There should only be one signature per line
  • Each new signature should be added following to the end of the signature list


  • Authors should use Signed-off-by (See example below)
  • If you've received the code from a trusted source, and are forwarding it along, please add a Signed-off-by line for yourself to indicate that you know this code to be usable by our community.


  • For code reviewers use Reviewed-by (See example below)
  • Reviewers should publicly indicate they have reviewed the code by replying to the code review email with:
    1. Review comments (optional if you have no suggested changes.)
    2. Your Reviewed-by signature line, exactly as it should appear in the commit. (The committer will add this before committing the change to source control.)
    • You should omit your Reviewed-by signature if you want to re-review the change after your suggested changes are made.

Format Strictness

Please strictly adhere to this format for signatures to enable this data to be stripped by automated tools when required.


This is a sample commit message, including signatures:

Package/Module: Short one line description of change

Several lines of
description for the

Signed-off-by: Contributor Name 
Reviewed-by: Reviewer Name 

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