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MicroPython Test Framework for UEFI

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MicroPython Test Framework for UEFI

The MicroPython Test Framework for UEFI (MpyTestFrameworkPkg) is designed for firmware unit testing and validation. This framework provides a set of convenient abstractions designed to remove as much boilerplate as possible from firmware test configuration, case development, and test execution. It is general enough to be useful in a variety of firmware testing scenarios including black box tests, white box tests, functional testing, and automating UI/human interaction.

The framework leverages MicroPython for a lightweight and minimalist implementation. A port of the MicroPython Interpreter for UEFI is available in edk2-staging: (MicroPythonPkg).

This project was publicly announced in March 2018 and added to the edk2-staging branch in August 2018.

Code Structure

Commits are based on latest UDK2018, and include three packages:

  • MicroPythonPkg: MicroPython Interpreter for UEFI
  • MpyTestFrameworkPkg: MicroPython Test Framework for UEFI
  • MpyTestCasePkg: One placeholder to contain the future platform test cases repo.

See files in Package folders for more information.

The following git commands sync with the latest branch:

$ git clone
$ cd edk2-staging
$ git checkout MicroPythonTestFramework
$ git submodule update --init –recursive               

Note: The last command will sync all submodule sources


MicroPython Project Website:

Implementing MicroPython as a UEFI Test Framework

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