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Working with the EDK Shell

The purpose of this project is to allow the EFI Shell application code to become an open source component of the EDK and the "Framework." Install the same EDK snapshot release and the shell version from the table below.

Download the EDK Getting Started Guide (pdf) for guidance on building and using the EDK to develop and test drivers. The Framework Specification on the Intel website. To learn more about the EDK codebase see the EDK Module Structure Explained.

EDK Releases Release What is it? EDK Shell Documents Edk 1.06.zip Contains UEFI 2.1, Framework 0.9, PI 1.0 and EFI shell: core and sample driver source code for EDK build source code environment and directory structure. EfiShell 1.06.zip ShellCommandManual.pdf Glue_Library.pdf EDK BuildDocument.pdf EBC Debugger User Manual.pdf EfiDriverLib.pdf EdkReference Manual.pdf EdkReferenceManual.zip VFR.pdf Edk Getting Started Guidle[1].0…pdf EbcDegubber Release notes DuetRelNotes.txt Development Snapshots Edk-Dev Shapshot-20100527.zip Development Snapshot Diff Patches To see the differences between snapshot versions Mobile Mobile Framework Dev Patch 4 Mobile Framework Dev Patch 3 Mobile Framework Dev Path 2 Other Projects EDK HII Evaluation Package Intel Undi UEFI Rel 15 7 Src.zip GOP Release.zip ixgbe.src.2201.zip gig pcie src 4109.zip gig pci src 3512.zip Other Projects </tr> EDK1117 Client Framework Patch 6 Patch V6 is an update to Intel’s Green H which Intel plans on utilizing on its 2012 client platforms. The major change includes adding support for UEFI 2.1 but there are other changes as well that are described in the EDK1117PatchV6_Details.txt file. </tr> </table> </div>

Previous EDK and Shell Releases

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License information: BSD

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Developer page: http://sourceforge.net/projects/edk2/develop

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