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NEW on this project is the MdePkg version 1.01 and Core Stable version 0.90 release. (here)

This is a further extension of the EDK II, from the MdePkg 1.00 Package released June 14, 2009. This Package can be found in the EDK II SVN repository as r9029. This version represents the next major milestone in the EDK II development.

Also with this release, the online help system for the MdePkg version 1.01 is now working and available, here, for use directly from the Open Source Community Website.(using http://doxygen.sourceforge.net)

The release contains the following components:

  • MdePkg version 1.01 - updates to the MdePkg 1.00
  • MdeModulePkg 0.90
  • IntelFrameworkPkg 0.90
  • IntelFrameworkModulePkg 0.90
  • EdkCompatibilityPkg 0.90
  • Basetools - most recent Basetools since the MdePkg 1.00 release
Each package comes with the sources, the documentation in CHM format, and the documentation in HTML format. The release also includes release notes providing more technical content regarding the entire EDKII Core Stable Release and its components.

NOTE: There have been issues reported when attempting to use the CHM package after download from the website. There is now a document "Notice on Downloading CHM format Files" available to explain the issues and solutions in detail.

Your feedback is critical to making EDK II a success! Please submit any enhancements, defects, or requests through the Project Tracker tool.

Notes on the MdePkg version 1.00 release

This package contains the following significant features:

  • PROTOCOLs/PPIs/GUIDs and related data declarations in MdePkg/Include directory. They correspond to UEFI2.0, UEFI 2.1 and/or PI1.0 specifications published by the UEFI Forum and the EFI1.10 specification published by Intel.
  • Data declarations in MdePkg/Include/IndustryStandard directory support applicable industry standards.
  • Public library classes definitions in MdePkg/Include/Library support module development.
  • Library instances in MdePkg/Library directory implement library classes for module build and platform integration of different CPU architectures and module types.
  • Data structure declarations conform to the specification of "PCD Infrastructure". .
  • Build validation file of MdePkg/MdePkg.dsc lists the library instances under their supported CPU architectures and module types.
The MdePkg provides developers working on UEFI Applications, UEFI Drivers, UEFI Operating System Loaders, UEFI diagnostics, and UEFI Platform Initialization (PI) compliant silicon modules with a solid UEFI and PI compliant foundation from which to develop their modules under EDK II.

The MdePkg 1.00 also features the following quality metrics:

  • The MdePkg source code follows EDK II Coding Standard, which inludes the use of Doxygen style file and function headers. The documentation generated from the MdePkg is available in both CHM and HTML formats.
  • All the library source code can build without errors across several operating systems and tool chains
  • All MDE library interfaces and PCD entries are covered and verified by MDE library test cases at API level for functionality and conformance.
Of particular note to developers: the r8508 of the entire EDK II project contains the complete set of EDK II components used to test and validate this release.

Also available are the Base Tools used to verify this package and documentation of the MdePkg. The BaseTools package provides both binaries build tools and source code files with configuration files to build the MdePkg. It facilitates the most common development under multiple operating systems. The help documentation is available both as linked HTML and as comress HTML in CHM file format.