Reporting Security Issues

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How to report a Security Issue

The bug tracking system used for Tianocore projects is Tianocore Bugzilla. An account must be created to enter a new issue or update exiting issues. New security issues must be entered using the Tianocore Security Issue product. Issues in the Tianocore Security Issue product are only visible to the Reporter of the issue and the members of the infosec group. In your report please include the paths of the modules you believe are involved and a detailed description of the issue.

Additional information about Tianocore Bugzilla can be found in Reporting Issues

How Security Issues are Evaluated

When a Tianocore Security Issue is entered, the issue is evaluated by the infosec group to determine if the issue is a security issue or not. If it is not deemed to be a security issue, then the issue is converted to a standard issue and follows the normal issue resolution process. If the issue is confirmed to be a security issue, then the priority, severity, and impact of the issue is assessed by the infosec group. Discussions, resolution, and patches are completed within Bugzilla. A date for public disclose is determined, and on that date the issue is made public and added to the list of Security Advisories.

If you are interested in being involved in the evaluation of Tianocore Security Issues, then please send an email request to join the Tianocore Bugzilla infosec group to the Tianocore Community Manager or one of the Tianocore Stewards.

NOTE: Never send any details related to a security issue in email.

Security Advisories

List of current EDK II Security Advisories can be found at this Gitbook : Security Advisory Log

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