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UDK2015 is a stable release of portions of EDK II project.

Current UDK2015 Release (2015-09-29)

UDK2015 Support Specifications

  1. Support Unified Extensible Firmware(UEFI) specification 2.5.
  2. Support Platform Initialization(PI) specification 1.4.
  3. Add ACPI 6.0 definitions.
  4. Add SMBIOS 3.0 definitions.

Please refer to Features of Release notes: https://github.com/tianocore/udk/releases/download/UDK2015/UDK2015-features.txt

UDK2015 Downloads

UDK2015 Branch in github

UDK2015 Workspace (ZIP File)

UDK2015 Release Notes (TXT file)

UDK2015 Complete File List (TXT File)

UDK2015 Feature Details (ZIP File)

UDK2015 Documentation

Getting Started with EDK II

UDK2015 Documents (ZIP File) This download contains all .chm and .html documents for UDK2015. Each package includes details on the definitions (including PPIs/PROTOCOLs/GUIDs and library classes) and libraries instances associated with each package.

Individual documentation packages

Based on SVN version:

Previous UDK Releases

If you have questions please email the edk2-devel mail list.

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