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Create a Windows based host environment for EmulatorPkg.

  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Language: C
  • Mentor:
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EmulatorPkg is very similar in many respects to the Nt32Pkg, but it should be generic enough to replace both Nt32Pkg and UnixPkg.

This task would be to enable a Windows host environment for EmulatorPkg so we can consider deprecating Nt32Pkg and UnixPkg in favor of using EmulatorPkg.

Development environment

Building: This project most likely would be completed on Windows with Visual Studio C++.

It would also be desireable to be able to support building and running the Windows host on Linux by building with mingw and running under Wine. Therefore, it would also be possible to develop this project under Linux.

Testing: Run the emulator on Windows or with Wine.


Some possible sub-goals for the driver

  • Enter SEC phase of EmulatorPkg boot
  • Enter PEI phase of EmulatorPkg boot
  • Enter DXE phase of EmulatorPkg boot
  • Enable multi-threading support
  • Enable networking support

Further Discussion

Please discuss the project on edk2-devel.

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