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The EDK is the open-source component of the "Framework", Intel's implementation of the EFI Specification, which was developed under the project codenamed "Tiano". The EDK was released under the BSD License. Refer to the EFI and Framework Open Source Community FAQ for a full explanation of how the EDK relates to the EFI effort.

Note that EDK has been deprecated in favor of EDK II.

Table of Contents

Working with the EDK

The EDK is essentially a container for the Framework's Foundation code and sample drivers. The EDK is also a development kit for developing, debugging, and testing EFI and Framework drivers, EFI Option ROMs, and EFI Applications for use in the Framework environment. To download snapshots of development or official release of the EDK, click on the link and choose the release to start the download process. Download the EDK Getting Started Guide (pdf) for guidance on building and using the EDK to develop and test drivers. The Framework Specification on the Intel website. To learn more about the EDK codebase see the Modules EDK Module Structure Explained.


EDK Releases
Release What is it? EDK Shell Documents
Edk Contains UEFI 2.1, Framework 0.9, PI 1.0 and EFI shell: core and sample driver source code for EDK build source code environment and directory structure. EfiShell ShellCommandManual.pdf


EDK BuildDocument.pdf

EBC Debugger User Manual.pdf


EdkReference Manual.pdf


Edk Getting Started Guide[1].pdf

EbcDegubber Release notes


Mobile / Client Patches      
Client Framework Patch 9

Client Framework Patch 8

Client Framework Patch 7

Client Framework Patch 6

Mobile Framework Dev Patch 4
Mobile Framework Dev Patch 3
Mobile Framework Dev Path 2
Client Framework Patches are an update to the Green H which Intel utilizes on its client platforms    
Development Snapshots      
Development Snapshot Diff Patches To see the differences between snapshot versions    
Other Projects      
EDK HII Evaluation Package

Intel Undi UEFI Source

Intel Undi UEFI Rel 15 7


gig pcie src

gig pci src

Other Projects

Fix to the Undi EDK Intel(R) PRO/1000 Network Driver


Previous EDK and Shell Releases

Sub Projects



License information: BSD

Project owner(s): Email the efidevkit-devel email list

Member Links

Project Points of Contact

Useful Links

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