EDK User Documentation

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EDK User Documentation
Document Name Description
EFI Developer Kit EDK Getting Started Guide This document provides detailed instructions for using the EFI Development kit.
Shell Command Reference Manual This document describes all the shell commands a user can execute directly in EFI Shell command prompt.
EBC Debugger User Manual This document describes the information on how to use an EBC debugger on an EFI implementation.
EDK Build This document describes the information on how to build drivers and applications, and how to build platforms existing in the EFI Develoment kit. It requires the basic knowledge about nmake utility..
EDK II Glue Library Programming Guide This document describes the uage of the EDK II Glue Library.
VFR Programming Language This document describes the VFR language in designing and developing products for UEFI 2.1 compliance.
EDK Reference Manual(pdf) EDK Reference Manual (zip) This document is explains the source code of the EDK project. It is an implementation guide that explains the actual work done by the different parts of the code base.
EFI/ UEFI Driver Library Specification This document explains the driver support library features