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ShellPkg (UEFI Shell 2.x)

ShellPkg is an EDK II Package that provides a native implementation of the UEFI Shell 2.x specifications.

Getting ShellPkg

This package provides the shell application, a set of NULL-named libraries that provide configurable command sets, and libraries for creating additional applications and UEFI Shell commands.

ShellPkg versus ShellBinPkg

ShellPkg provides source code for the UEFI Shell and related applications. ShellBinPkg provides a pre-built version of the UEFI Shell and applications. Refer to the ShellBinPkg ReadMe for more info.

UEFI Shell 2.x Engineering Resources

UEFI Shell Specifications (

ShellPkg versus EdkShellPkg

The EdkShellPkg implements an older version of the EFI Shell, prior to standardization by the UEFI Forum. Please treat EdkShellPkg and EdkShellBinPkg as end-of-life code.

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