YVR 2018

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Linaro Connect Vancouver 2018

Related Presentations

System Firmware and Device Firmware Updates using Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) Capsules

Firmware is responsible for low-level platform initialization, establishing root-of-trust, and loading the operating system (OS). Signed UEFI Capsules define an OS-agnostic process for verified firmware updates, utilizing the root-of-trust established by firmware. The open source FmpDevicePkg in TianoCore provides a simple method to update system firmware images and device firmware images using UEFI Capsules and the Firmware Management Protocol (FMP).

This session describes the EFI Development Kit II (EDK II) capsule implementation, implementing FMP using FmpDevicePkg, creating Signed UEFI Capsules using open source tools, and an update workflow based on the Linux Vendor Firmware Service (fwupd.org).

11:30 - 11:55, 21 September 2018


Improving the interoperability between Linux and UEFI using LUV

This presentation will give an overview of the Linux UEFI Validation (LUV) project; its motivations and objectives. LUV creates a Linux validation OS which can be used by Linux kernel developers and firmware engineers alike to reduce the development and enabling time of Linux on UEFI systems. It is an architecture-agnostic, automated framework consisting of several open-source test-suites packaged into a cohesive and easy-to-use product. It aims to help uncover bugs in the implementation of UEFI firmware and Linux kernel thereby improving the quality of the interaction between the UEFI firmware and the Linux kernel.

12:00 - 12:55, 20 September 2018


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