EDK II User Documentation

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EDK II User Documentation
Document Download Description
PDF UEFI Packaging Tool (UEFIPT) Quick Start 1.2
This document provides a definitive list of steps to follow which will result in the creation of a UEFI Distribution Package using the UEFI Packaging Tool (UEFIPT) within a Microsoft Windows* OS and Linux OS environments.
  • August 2015
PDF or Zip Signing UEFI Images.pdf V1.31
Version 1.31. This document describes how to sign UEFI images for the development and test of UEFI Secure Boot using the UDK2010.SR1 release.
  • Provides an overview of UEFI Secure Boot
  • Details the steps to sign an UEFI image
  • Describes the UEFI Secure Boot policies
  • Describes the steps required to set specific UEFI Secure Boot policies
  • Describes the image authorization flow when UEFI Secure Boot is enabled
  • Decribes how to use OVMF and NT32Pkg as UEFI Secure Boot reference platforms
  • Demonstrates several UEFI Secure Boot scenarios using OVMF
Updates and clarifications related to UEFI Spec conformance regarding KEK and DB usages See also SecurityPkg for more information on How to enable security, TPM, User identification (UID), secure boot and authenticated variable. NOTE SVNs: For Nt32Pkg requires -r13186, For OVMF Requires -r13160 beyond UDK2010.SR1 release version
  • Feb 2013
gitbook The UEFI Driver Writer's Guide is designed to aid in the development of UEFI Drivers using the EDK II open source project as a development environment. Please refer to the Driver Developer page for more information.
PDF EDKII User Manual V 0.7
This document provides detailed instructions for downloading, configuring, and building an EDK II project as well as running EDKII Emulation Environments.
  • March 2010
PDF EDK II Module Writer's Guide v 0.7
The document is a guideline for new EDK II module developers, and provides detailed instructions on how to develop and build a new module, and how to release with a package.
  • March 2010
PDF Performance Optimization
Technical documentation for Performance Optimization for EDK II
  • Feb 2010
PDF UEFI SCT Case Writers Guide .91
This document defines the guidelines for writing the test cases under UEFI Self-Certification Test (SCT) and introduces the UEFI SCT source tree. This document is intended for anyone interested in developing or porting tests for the UEFI SCT
  • July 2009