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UDK2015 Roadmap for

Expected update Mid October

Feature Details
Support UEFI 2.5 Updates Support PI 1.4 Updates
  1. Smart Card Reader & Smart card edge protocol (H file only)
  2. Inline Cryptographic Interface Protocol (H file only)
  3. UEFI USB Function I/O Protocol (H file only)
  4. Add NVM Express Pass Thru Protocol
  5. Add UFS stack
  6. Add SD Device Path (H file only)
  7. Add reconnect Browser Action
  8. Ability to refresh the entire form
  9. The default/options for the Ordered List question
  10. Keyword Strings support
  11. New CPER Memory Section (H file only)
  13. Adding support for No executable data areas
  14. Persistent Memory Type support
  15. Add the Support for new PKCS7 Verification Services
  16. System Prep Applications
  17. Add SMBIOS3_TABLE_GUID in configuration table.
  18. Exposing Memory Redundancy to OSPM
  19. ESRT: EFI System Resource Table and component firmware updates
  20. IPV6 support from UNDI
  21. UEFI “Next” Feature –
  • IP_CONFIG2 Protocol
  • Boot from HTTP (Excluding IPV6)
  • DNSv4 and DNSv6
  2. New MP Service PPI
  3. Multiple CPU health info
  4. PEI SetBootMode Service() clarification
  5. GetMemoryMap Update for ReservedMemory
  6. New Graphics PPI
  7. New Capsule PPI
  8. SIO PEI and UEFI-Driver Model Architecture
  9. Extended File Size Errata
  10. Add Reset2 PPI
Add ACPI 6.0 definitions.
Add SMBIOS 3.0 definitions.
Support OpenSSL version 1.0.2d.
Excluded from UEFI 2.5 Updates
  2. Bluetooth Support (H file only)
  3. Errata Boot Manager Policy & SATA Device Path Node
  4. RamDisk Device Path
  5. UEFI “Next” Feature –
  • Boot from HTTP (Excluding IPV6)
  • WIFI support (H file only)
  • EAP2 Protocol (H file only)
  • REST Protocol
  • Platform recovery
  • Customized Deployment of Secure Boot
  • BMC/Service Processor Device Path
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