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Obsolete Tasks

Nate DeSimone edited this page Feb 23, 2021 · 3 revisions
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🔴 It is not recommended that anyone work on these tasks. 🔴

These are tasks had been previously identified by our community but for various reasons are no longer relevant and are largely historical. We do not plan to accept any GSoC proposals for these projects. Please let us know on edk2-devel if you plan to work on one of these tasks anyway (to prevent duplicated effort).

Obsolete Tasks

Build a C compiler for EBC

🔴 Low priority because EBC is no longer required by the UEFI spec. 🔴

Build a C compiler that is able to generate EBC (EFI Byte Code).

  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Language: C, Assembly
  • Mentor:
  • Suggested by: @nate-desimone
More information: Tasks-Build-a-C-compiler-for-EBC

Compatibility Support Module

🔴 Low priority because TianoCore does not promote legacy boot architectures. 🔴

A CSM allows a UEFI system to boot legacy operating systems on IA32 & X64 systems. In other words, most current production OS's. Strong preference is for a BSD licensed solution, as this is license used by nearly all of our code. A SeaBIOS based solution could be considered, but would not be as widely usable (GPL license).

  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Language: Assembly, C
  • Mentor:
  • Suggested by: bjjohnson
  • Status: No longer a priority, since UEFI OS support is mainstream. SeaBIOS can be built as a CSM, but a BSD licensed alternative is still not available.

Intel Galileo Platform Improvements

🔴 Low priority because Galileo is no longer manufactured. 🔴

Add features to Galileo based on open source platform in EDK II.

  • Switch from private SD/MMC stack to standard one in MdeModulePkg.
  • Debugger/Console using USB client mode for multiple high perf UARTs in ESRAM
  • Logging and Debugger support over USB using ESRAM for DMA.
Mentor: @mdkinney

Coverity Static Analysis Tools

🔴 Low priority for now because one-off Coverity scans have been done and those bugs still need to be fixed. 🔴

Enable Coverity Scan for all EDK II projects.

  • Evaluate open source CI tools to fine best one to periodically auto run Coverity static analysis
  • Look into ways to auto-post results to TianoCore (website, wiki, or git repo).
  • Look into ways to automate Bugzilla issue generation based on Coverity results.
Mentor: @mdkinney, @shijunjing

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