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UEFI OS Support | Linux Support for UEFI

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Ubuntu Linux Support for UEFI

Ubuntu Versions Supporting UEFI

Ubuntu Linux supports x64 UEFI for 64-bit builds, starting with 10.10. We recommend using Ubuntu 12.04 LTS or higher with x64 UEFI.

No IA32 UEFI support is available in Ubuntu, but is supported in UEFI Debian starting with the Jessie release.

Support for UEFI Secure Boot

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS or higher supports Secure Boot, with an OS shim loader signed by the UEFI CA. This means that a system properly configured for UEFI Secure Boot can load Ubuntu Linux without enabling legacy BIOS support, or disabling Secure Boot in the firmware setup menus.


Latest release: http://www.ubuntu.com/download

Latest live daily images (working towards next release): http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/

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