Hackathon Flash Image And Generate Capsule

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Update the firmware and test a capsule

Update MinnowBoard MAX Firmware from UEFI Capsules

  • Copy the Build/Vlv2TbltDevicePkg/Capsules directory to a USB FLASH drive
  • Connect USB FLASH Drive to MinnowBoard MAX
  • Boot MinnowBoard MAX to the Boot Manager
  • Boot the EFI Internal Shell boot option
  • Mount the USB FLASH Drive (usually FS1)
  • Use cd command to go to Capsules/TestCert directory
  • Run the following command to apply all four capsules
CapsuleApp.efi MinnowMax.cap
  • The MinnowBoard MAX should reboot and the four capsules are applied in the order listed. The progress bar matches the color name of the capsule. MinnowMax.cap uses the color purple. Once all capsules are processed, the MinnowBoard MAX should reboot again using the new firmware images.

Generate and Test a UX BitMap Capsule

  • Use bitmap editor to generate a BMP file. Recommend resolution of 600 wide by 100 tell and either 24 or 32 bits per pixel.
  • Save BMP file to USB FLASH drive
  • Use CapsuleApp.efi to convert BMP file to a UX Capsule
CapsuleApp.efi -G MyImage.bmp -O MyImage.cap
  • When updating firmware using capsules, add UX capsule to the list of capsules passed into CapsuleApp.efi.
CapsuleApp.efi MyImage.cap MinnowMax.cap
  • When the capsules are processed the UX bitmap image should be displayed at the bottom of the screen.
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