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How to Search the TianoCore wiki pages

Most of the documentation, white papers and "How to"s are incorporated into the TianoCore wiki pages.

  • Search for a string or topic inside all wiki pages:
    • To search for a topic, use the github Search at the top of your web browser.
    • Enter your string in the Search box then hit "Enter"
    • Github defaults to the current repository and shows how many instances it finds in the
      • Code | Commits | Issues | Wikis
    • Click on the Wikis for all the wiki pages containing your search item.
  • Search for a wiki page where the string is in the title
    • On this wiki page, on the right side is a list of the most popular TianoCore wiki pages.
    • To go to a particular wiki page, click on the grey box with >Pages nnn (where nnn is the total number of TianoCore wiki pages)
    • Type the a string from the desired page's title in the find a page box, the wiki pages with the string you entered will be displayed
    • Example: Type "Nt32" in the grey box find a page the result will be:
      • NT32
      • Nt32Pkg
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