Code Reviews

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Code reviews are a critical part of producing high quality code. This page documents how to use code reviews within our projects, and how to be a code reviewer.

Table of Contents

Submit Code

Submit your patch to the appropriate developer email list.

Review Code

As a member of the community, please take the time to review patches.

If you find issues, and think the code should be modified and re-reviewed before being used, then reply to the email list letting the author know the issues you see.

If you think the code is reasonable for use, then reply with your Reviewed-by signature. If you think only minor modifications are required, then you can include your Reviewed-by signature, but also list the minor changes you think are required.

Please consider Code Style issues as part of your code review.

Resubmit Code

If a review detects a major issue in your code, then make the changes and re-submit the code for a separate new code review.

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