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Note: If you are simply looking for an EDK II git repository, then visit the Source Control page.

The EDK II project uses the subversion source control system. But, as git is a source control system often used by open-source projects these days, the question of whether git can be used with EDK II occasionally comes up. This page will attempt to document how contributors can use git with EDK II, as well as other EDK II git information.

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Contributors without svn commit access

EDK II uses package maintainers to own reviewing and committing contributions for a package. This means that most contributors don't really need to interface with svn if they prefer to use git.

In this scenario, the contributor can clone from one of the EDK II git mirrors. They can then:

  1. Make their changes in git as usual
  2. Use git format-patch / send-email as normal to publish the changes to edk2-devel
Of course, when the package maintainer commits your change, your authorship of the commit will be lost, as svn does not maintain separate author/committer metadata.

Helping convince EDK II to convert to git

If you would prefer for EDK II to use git, then one of the most helpful things you can do is mention it on edk2-devel. Silence will generally favor and the Status quo / staying on svn.

Other than this, your best bet is to use the git mirrors of svn to make it clear that this is how you prefer to work.

Use of git send-email, pushing your tree to a publicly accessible location and mentioning that your changes are available in a branch, will help raise awareness of the usefulness of git as well.

Discussions of converting to git

Git is mentioned occasionally on edk2-devel.

In February 2013 there was such a discussion, and in general people expressed a desire to use git for EDK II. Here is some of the information from that email thread:

  • David & Jordan from Intel would prefer git
  • Andrew from Apple uses git-svn, and wouldn't mind if the project move to git
  • Cameron from Apple does not want to use git
  • ARM uses git
  • Linaro uses git
  • Brian from SGI mentioned they would prefer git
  • Laszlo from Red Hat uses git
  • Several EDK II Google Summer of Code projects used git

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