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Getting Started Writing MyHelloWorld.c

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Example MyHelloWorld.c file:

/** @file
  Brief Description of UEFI MyHelloWorld
  Detailed Description of UEFI MyHelloWorld
  Copyright for UEFI MyHelloWorld
  License for UEFI MyHelloWorld

#include <Uefi.h>
#include <Library/UefiApplicationEntryPoint.h>
#include <Library/UefiLib.h>

  as the real entry point for the application.

  @param[in] ImageHandle    The firmware allocated handle for the EFI image.  
  @param[in] SystemTable    A pointer to the EFI System Table.
  @retval EFI_SUCCESS       The entry point is executed successfully.
  @retval other             Some error occurs when executing this entry point.

UefiMain (
  IN EFI_HANDLE        ImageHandle,
  Print(L"Hello World \n"); 
  return EFI_SUCCESS;