OSFC 2018

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OSFC 2018 - Event Overview

Event Information

Sept 12-15, 2018. Erlangen, Germany. https://osfc.io/

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This is the first time Intel has staged a public TianoCore hack-a-thon event. Thanks to the OSFC organizers for providing the venue.

September 14-15 - times TBD

This two-day hack-a-thon is focused on improving Capsule Based Firmware Update and Firmware Recovery. Participants are encouraged to exercise platform code related to SignedCapsulePkg and FmpDevicePkg based on the edk2-stable201808 stable tag release.

For details on target platforms and pre-requisites for participants, please refer to the 2018 EDK II Capsule Hack-a-thon page for more information.

Related Sessions

Related Workshops

Workshop Downloads

Workshops are based on x64 Linux development environments.

The Building Open Source UEFI Firmware with EDK II and Debugging UEFI Firmware under Linux workshops are based on a Docker container provided by the presenters. Please see Container for OSFC Workshops for more information.

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