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UEFI Development Kit (UDK)

The UEFI Development Kit (UDK) is a stable release of portions of EDK II. UDK releases are tested against Intel architecture platforms, and omits components that cannot be validated on those configurations.

Current Release: UDK2018 (Mar 2018)

Past Releases: UDK2017 / UDK2015 / UDK2014 / UDK2010 / UDK2008

Differences Between UDK and EDK II

EDK II is the open source project for which volunteers participate in development. The tip of this project is constantly updated for fixes and enhancements.

UDK releases represent a fully validated implementation of a specific revision of EDK II source, tested against Intel Architecture platforms. A UDK release is a subset of available EDK II packages, since not all packages can be validated on Intel platforms. Each UDK release lists the corresponding EDK II version in the release notes. Each release is available as a ZIP file, and is mapped to a branch of the EDK II github project (example: https://github.com/tianocore/edk2/tree/UDK2017 for UDK2017).