@tambry tambry released this Apr 16, 2016 · 380 commits to master since this release

Latest builds available here.

General changelog:

    • PPU LLVM recompiler removed (not final)
    • Old PPU interpreter removed completely
  • RSX
    • Added Vulkan renderer
    • Common utilities for all backends
    • Big accuracy improvements and bugfixes
  • HLE
    • Various HLE modules rewritten/removed temporarily
    • More HLE functions implemented
    • Accuracy improvements
  • Vita
    • ARMv7 core improvements
  • Loader
    • ELF loaders rewrittten and unified (PS3 and PSV)
    • PRX loader improved
  • Misc
    • Big cleanups and rewrites
    • Logging system rewritten
    • Configuration system rewritten
    • Various submodules updated

NOTE: libresc.sprx and librtc.sprx will need to be LLE'd until they're properly re-implemented



@tambry tambry released this Oct 3, 2015 · 1118 commits to master since this release

DX12 support (and in future Vulkan) has been added and there's now a recompiler. There's been lots of improvements to HLE and some improvements to the GUI (including game icons!). Definitely no reccomended version is ready yet, but a year or two and we might be getting there :)

Regular pre-release builds built by @Bigpet can be found here:


  • Jun 28, 2014


    bump to version v0.0.0.5 a lot has changed since the last version num…
    …ber and we don't have an annotated tag yet, which would be helpful for build name generation