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2014 08_Meeting_IRC_Log

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(12:06:00) Marc9: Start of team meeting
(12:06:03) madhuracj: Hello everyone
(12:06:11) Marc9: Item 1: GSoC 2014 report
(12:06:15) dstorm: Hello madhuracj
(12:06:35) Marc9: In this report, we should not discuss the fate of students, let's just talk about the code
(12:06:36) gargola [quassel@nat/hp/x-oaolubgichtudppe] a rejoint le salon.
(12:06:57) Marc9: I'll start with the projects I mentored
(12:07:35) Marc9: For interface improvements, it went fine; all the code has been merged and just one task was removed from the schedule, due to the lack of a solution
(12:08:01) Marc9: For Structure tools (central list of columns, normalization), it went fine too; all the code has been merged
(12:08:47) nijel: For both of my projects it's also quite fine
(12:08:58) madhuracj: I am also satisfied with schema export and desginer improvements project
(12:09:17) madhuracj: I'm expecting one more pull request related to refactoring
(12:09:20) ibennetch-mobile [~ibennetch@] a rejoint le salon.
(12:09:25) Marc9: madhuracj: has the code been merged?
(12:09:30) nijel: The error reporting is merged, though the server would need a bit more of development (or rather debugging), but that was not part of GSoC....
(12:09:51) madhuracj: Yes, everything else is merged.
(12:09:51) nijel: For the console, there will be at least one more pull request coming
(12:10:21) Marc9: nijel: for the designer/schema integration, is the older schema interface still there?
(12:10:47) nijel: Marc9: that's not my project :-)
(12:10:52) Marc9: oops
(12:12:10) Marc9: nijel, are there big problems to debug in the error reporting server?
(12:12:19) Marc9: Hi Isaac
(12:12:38) madhuracj|2 [~kvirc@] a rejoint le salon.
(12:12:56) ibennetch-mobile: Hi Marc. I seem to be having some issues staying connected but hopefully will be here for a bit.
(12:13:20) Marc9: madhura, for the designer/schema integration, is the older schema interface still in place?
(12:13:53) Marc9: ibennetch-mobile: can you give your GSoC report here (talking about the code and merge state)?
(12:13:54) madhuracj|2: you mean the one that was accessible from db operation page?
(12:13:59) madhuracj|2: No it has been removed
(12:14:05) Marc9: madhuracj: yes
(12:14:20) madhuracj a quitté le salon (quit: Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
(12:14:21) ibennetch-mobile: Ah sure, we are 100% merged and the code is in good shape.
(12:14:25) Marc9: good
(12:14:36) madhuracj|2: The functionality is now integrated to designer page
(12:15:01) madhuracj|2 a quitté le salon (quit: Client Quit)
(12:15:10) Marc9: Anything else to add about GSoC ?
(12:15:19) ibennetch-mobile: There's little else to report aside from what I said in the email. All of the tasks are complete, unit tests/ code coverage is good. Everything was merged without issue.
(12:15:22) madhuracj [~kvirc@] a rejoint le salon.
(12:16:16) dstorm: Only one task was removed from my schedule, just because it was already implemented by someone between GSoC proposals and accepted students were announced.
(12:17:02) Marc9: dstorm: thanks
(12:17:17) Marc9: Item 2: Extending version 4.0 end of life
(12:17:50) dstorm: I agree with this, but till when is the question.
(12:18:18) Marc9: I also think that January 2015 is too soon. I would go for January 2017 for the moment.
(12:19:01) madhuracj: Fine by me
(12:19:28) Marc9: By the way, we got a feature request for making optional the hard verification of the MySQL version; I am not really in favor of this, too risky for the users
(12:19:56) Marc9: Objections for Jan 1, 2017 ?
(12:21:16) nijel: I think it's manageable
(12:21:25) Marc9: By the way 2, Madhura, did you get the latest CVE ids?
(12:21:38) madhuracj: If we are making 4.0.x a LTS version, I see no need for making the verification optional in newer versions
(12:21:48) madhuracj: @Marc9: not yet
(12:22:32) Marc9: madhuracj: the reason is that some users will want to benefit from PMA 4.2 / 4.3 for some of their servers, while being able to connect to older servers with the same instance
(12:22:36) ibennetch-mobile: It seems to me like it's hard to pick a date now; we don't know what hosts will do over the next few years. That date seems reasonable now.
(12:22:55) ibennetch-mobile: I agree about not adding the configuration option.
(12:23:09) Marc9: Moving on..
(12:23:16) Marc9: Item 3: FOSDEM 2015
(12:23:53) Marc9: FOSDEM looks our "natual" place to meet, one in a while :)  and we are "due" for FOSDEM 2015
(12:23:57) Marc9: natural
(12:24:11) Marc9: one -> once
(12:25:08) nijel: for me it's conference where I'd probably going anyway, so that's fine for me
(12:25:26) madhuracj: I won't mind as well
(12:25:34) Marc9: Fine for me as well
(12:26:57) Marc9: I would even be available to man a booth, but would appreciate help.
(12:29:03) chanaka777 [67f7336e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] a rejoint le salon.
(12:29:07) nijel: I can be there sometimes, but I'd really like to go to talks as well
(12:29:21) madhuracj: I think the whole team would be willing to help when they are free, not attending a talk
(12:29:36) Marc9: I also would like to attend to some talks
(12:29:48) Marc9: Hi Chanaka
(12:29:54) chanaka777: Hi team
(12:30:04) chanaka777: I got late
(12:30:09) madhuracj: We probably can prepare a roster
(12:30:47) Marc9: About FOSDEM, Isaac said that his case is uncertain; and Hugues said that he is likely to be available
(12:31:30) Marc9: So I'll make a request for a booth and we'll see FOSDEM's answer
(12:31:47) madhuracj: Great
(12:31:53) nijel: okay
(12:31:55) ibennetch-mobile: Right. I think it's the best choice to attend though, regardless of whether I can escape my obligation.
(12:32:59) Marc9: ibennetch-mobile: there is someone missing at the meeting in person, we cannot find a date that works for everyone
(12:33:09) Marc9: there is *always*
(12:33:42) Marc9: Anything to add to this discussion?
(12:34:18) nijel: indeed, there is no such thing as perfect date when everybody would be available....
(12:34:24) nijel: I think we're done
(12:35:34) Marc9: E n d   o f   t e a m    m e e t i n g
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