2016 09_Meeting

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See also IRC Log and Minutes.

Meeting logs


We will try using MeetBot for handling meeting agenda and logs. Hopefully it will save us from some manual work.


Seems to work quite well.

PMA 4.4.x EOL


phpMyAdmin 4.4.x is only supported for security updates through October 1, 2016. Are we happy ending support at this time?


4.4 support will end on schedule (October 1st), there will be one more release before that

Real life meeting in 2017


Most of us didn't make it to team meeting in 2016, so lets schedule better for 2017.

What comes to my mind:

  • FOSDEM, Brussels, Belgium, on 4 and 5 February
  • DebConf, Montreal, Canada, from 6 to 12 August

Another option is to ignore conferences, just meet at some nice place at convenient time.


Team meeting will happen on DebConf, we try to have presence at Percona Live as well.


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