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phpMyAdmin libraries

phpMyAdmin has recently split several libraries to separate codebase. This allows reuse of the code in other web application and also eases maintenance and testing of such code.

Currently there are following:

All these are maintained as Composer packages:


Development is separate from phpMyAdmin, but these libraries are required to provide stable API to avoid breakages in phpMyAdmin.


Releasing is done solely by git tags, which are then shown as releases in the Packagist repository.

For historical reasons, there are had been two tagging schemes used by those packages. The SQL parser used v1.2.3 style tags, while other packages 1.2.

These have been standardized; beginning with SQL parser 5.0.0 there is no 'v' prefix. The other libraries will add a "patch" level with their future releases, as well.

To create new release simply create new GPG signed tag and push it to the repository:

git tag -s -m "Version 1.2.5" "1.2.5"

# Push tag
git push --tags