2017 12_Meeting

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Next real life team meeting


See Potential_conferences.


We will focus on DebConf or MOSC.my.

Server replacement


Our server needs replacement. It's currently almost 10 years old and doesn't have enough memory for our needs (it's not upgradeable as well).

See Server for considered options.


Agreed to get server from Hetzner.

4.8 roadmap


4.8 is being developed for quite some time, so we probably should decide about it's release schedule.

I think we can follow schedule used for 4.7:

  • First beta in January
  • RC and final releases in March


Schedule agreed - first beta in January, final release in March.

Future (tentative 5.0) roadmap


Next major release (to be released in 2019) is probably good candidate for dropping support for PHP older than 7.1. Can we agree on this schedule?

See following issues for discussion:

The 4.8 would be supported for extended period after 5.0 release to keep support for PHP 5 installations, but it won't get new features.


The 5.0 release will support PHP 7.1 and newer and should be released in 2019.

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