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Becoming team member

We welcome new team members, but we accept only people who have proven to have enough skills to contribute.

If you are interested in joining our team, start with subscribing to the developer mailing list, where all discussion about the project is going on.

You should also be able to use Git, so if you don't know this version control system, you should learn to use it.

After submitting several patches, and if they get accepted, you can ask one of the project admins for team membership. It is also possible that your activity will be noticed by one of them earlier and you will get an invitation to become a team member.

Mailing lists

There is a private team mailing list, you should have been subscribed to it on acceptance to the team. You also should be subscribed to the Developers mailing list.

If you want to closely follow bug/feature/patches tracker, you're welcome to subscribe to the git notifications mailing lists which will notify you of all changes on the trackers or subscribe to change notification through Github.

There are some team member only mailing lists:

Monthly meetings

Every second Wednesday in a month the IRC meeting is in place, see Meetings.

Real life meetings

We try to meet in real life once in a year. As our team is spread around the world, this is meeting is usually located at some free software related conference.

Visiting conferences

We encourage team members to visit nearby conferences to educate themselves and to promote phpMyAdmin.

Generally travel below 150 USD is allowed, but team member can ask for approval if costs won't fit into this limit. You can also spend 2-3 nights in the destination (again exceptions can be approved).

The usual rules for Reimbursements apply otherwise.

Software Freedom Conservancy

phpMyAdmin is a member project of Software Freedom Conservancy. This organization is an US non-profit entity taking care of our assets such as domain names or trademarks and holding our funds.

All phpMyAdmin team members are part of Project Leadersip Committee (PLC) which can make decisions about those.

Web presence

In the website git repository, you are welcome to add yourself to the list of team members which will be shown on our website.

In the planet git repository, you can add your blog to be syndicated on Planet phpMyAdmin.


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