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The documentation for phpMyAdmin is written using and is placed in doc/ folder. To build the documentation, you need to have Sphinx installed.

Installing Sphinx

On Debian/Ubuntu system, you can install it via this command:

sudo apt-get install python-sphinx

For installation on other systems, see Installing Sphinx.


The documentation is generated from the *.rst files in the doc/ folder. To update the documentation, modify these *.rst files and use the instructions below to (re)generate the documentation.


Building HTML version:

make -C doc/ html

The result will be in doc/html folder.

The documentation is automatically built on Read the Docs service:


The documentation is translated using Sphinx built-in localization support, however to keep our repository smaller, it is done in separate git repository - localized_docs.


The documentation contains lot of inline markup, so please try to preserve that to match source. There are are also various references to other parts of the document such as :ref:`faq_3_3`, these should not be translated - the labels are kept same even for translated documents (so that external links can be used same for both of them).


To update version for translation, you need to have installed Sphinx and Gettext. Updating is then just matter of calling:

git submodule update --remote

See for more details.


There is a method PMA_Util::getDocuLink for getting link to documentation. It checks if it is locally available and if not, it generates link to Read the Docs.

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