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Please keep the titles, the text is there just for description and you can delete it from your application. You can find more detailed information in our applicant guide.


What's your name?


Where do you live? Which time zone?


What are you studying?

Email / IRC / Jabber

Where can we contact you?

WWW / Blog

Do you have home page or blog?


A short description of your project.

Benefits to the users

What does your project bring to the users.

Project Details

A more detailed description.


What will be the final output from your project?

Project Schedule

Include timeline for minor milestones. What you expect to have ready for mid-term and final evaluation?


How much time can you spend weekly on the project.


Tell us about yourself, what you did in the past.


What relevant experiences do you have? Do you know technologies we use (MySQL, PHP, Git)?

Open source contributions

Have you ever contributed to some open source project, if so then to which projects?

phpMyAdmin contributions

Show us what you have contributed to phpMyAdmin so far. Please note that not providing any patch before GSoC, you will most likely won't be accepted (see our applicant guide).

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