2017 03_Meeting

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See also IRC Log and Minutes.

Supporting Conservancy


In March 2015, we decided to support Conservancy by donating "Supporter" status for each team member; which we did in two phases (April and November). In April 2016, we elected to do this again. Do we wish to continue? --ibennetch


We will get supported status for each team member.

Using Gitter/Slack/whatever instead of IRC


The web based cloud services for chat are quite popular, we've got suggestion to move to Slack on the mailing list.

I've set up both Gitter and Slack for testing:

The questions:

  • Do we want to use some of these services? If yes, which of them?
  • Should it replace IRC or be an addition to it?



We don't see compelling reasons to switch, so let's stick with existing tools for now.



We've been accepted to GSoC, this opens up some questions:

  • Do we have more mentors than Michal and Isaac?
  • Will we distribute the mentorship money to mentors as in past years?


  • No more mentors as of now.
  • Mentorship money will go directly to mentors.

Improve table structure tab


Isaac is looking for developer input about the "Proposed ideas" and "Needs decision" sections of the proposal to improve the table structure tab?


This seems to be good direction to improve look of the page.

Roadmap to 4.7


Let's hear from Isaac about the path towards 4.7. Will we release an -rc1? Are there any blocking issues?


There will be rc1 released today and we don't see any blockers right now.

Issue discussion


Isaac and Michal are initiating discussion about these issues:


The decision will be marked in each issue.


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