@Frenzie Frenzie released this Feb 8, 2017 · 12 commits to master since this release

A selection of some of the fixes and improvements:

  • New ImageViewer widget + hold on image show it fullscreen
  • Allow local overrides of use_lastfile_as_screensaver
  • fix: disable network info menu when device is not connected
  • Fix selection in dictionary window
  • Custom DPI: increase upper bound from 330 to 600
  • Network Info: prettier and additional infos (#2394)
  • Added "Swipe to follow first link" option
  • filemanager: show new books in bold
  • Dictionary and wikipedia enhancements (#2393)
    • allow viewing the full page content of a result in a bigger window
    • allow queries for multiple languages
    • available languages can be set in settings.reader.lua : ["wikipedia_languages"] = {"en", "fr", "it"}
    • "Wikipedia lookup" added to Tools menu
  • Wikipedia: save full page as epub (html, with optional images)
  • Add open last book menu item in file manager
  • Add dictionary to filemanager
  • Add a ▸ for menu items with sub menu