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Get Started!

Getting started with XMMS2 is as easy as: download, install, use!

XMMS2 will:

XMMS2 will not...


Client-server model

  • Allows XMMS2 to have various multiple interfaces (as clients).
    • Command line interfaces
    • GTK clients (matching GNOME & Xfce4 look and feel)
    • KDE clients (matching KDE look and feel)
  • Network transparency means you can run and control XMMS2 remotely, (e.g. run XMMS2 on your 'media box' and control it over network using a bluetooth-enabled PDA (TCP) - see Mobile platforms)

Wide format support

Play mp3, mp4, vorbis, aac, alac, wma, mac, sid, mid, mod, wav, flac, mpc, speex, wavpack, flv, nsf, spc, nsfe, gbs, gym, vgm, sap, ay, tta and shn files.


Play from local files, over http, samba, daap and mms.


Add tracks from rss, xml, asx, xspf, html, m3u, pls, and cue files.

Flexible transform chain concept

Allows for more flexible access to media. (e.g. play mp3 files from a Samba share without having to mount it on the local filesystem)


Database-driven media library stores metadata about songs as they're played, so songs can be quickly recalled and new playlists easily made. The media library can be easily queried and managed using Collections.


Gapless playback, coverart extraction.