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Erik Massop edited this page Nov 4, 2017 · 2 revisions
anders Look at getting xmms2 running on neuros OSD.
  • Fix remaining FIXME's in collection code (details)
  • Code the C++ collection bindings
  • Collections merged in -devel
  • C++ collection bindings, conceptual problem (need help from magic Ec++lipser)
  • Set up pkg-xmms2 for packaging xmms2 related stuff for Debian; only jlt and me currently
  • started to port speex plugin
  • Upload esperanza and xmms2-scrobbler to Debian Unstable
  • Include Perl bindings
  • finish speex plugin
  • Debian NEW queue
  • waf migration
dangertools bindings: java5, collections, cleanups review code waiting for patch review
  • userconfdir_get split
  • waf build automater and parser
  • Win32 patch review
  • Waf status (for SCons patches)
  • Waf progress (DrI?)
  • XMMS2Forge implementation
  • RFP Mailbot Implementation
DraX Restarting of Insanity development with Eleusis Test XMMS2 on FreeBSD 7 with libthr NetBSD threading issue that causes it to be unuseable Python Bindings for collections
  • add wscripts to build the bindings
  • Test the whole system in win32 and make necessary changes
  • work on the main wscript's UI, add various useful commandline options to configure the build
  • make the waf bootstrap script put the waf module in ., not in ~
does waf look better than scons, are we going to move xmms2 to using it?
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