GSoC:2007 Service Clients Ideas

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This page contains new ideas of service clients. If you have one, just add it to Brand New Ideas section. Once it is being picked and worked on by someone, move it to In Progress.

In Progress

Brand New Ideas

Write Back Mediatag

XMMS2 should help organizing one's music collection. Editing the metadata of a media entry is a common task for users who want to append or correct the provided information. The problem is, if they share their files with others or copy them to a portable player, this information will be lost or, according to the original media's tagging, outdated and likely confusing.

This service client solves this problem, updating the media's metatags where applicable and possible. It should work with different types of tagging, like ID3v2 or Ogg media.

It should be possible for the user to decide whether all tags should be re-written (IE, original tagging being removed completely), or only found changes to be applied.

Furthermore, the user should be able to define a collection on which he wants the update to be run. Also, clients could transparently use this service client to do the update after any metadata edit.

Export Media

Organizing the music solely within XMMS2, it can be a hard and/or time consuming task to find the items of a given collection on the source media by hand. Willing to play a collection on a portable device or burning it on a CD, the user should be free'd of this unnecessary task, as we already know the media and how to fetch it.

This service client should provide a service to at least duplicate a given collection into a given directory. Ideally, the media files' names should be consistently chosen by a given scheme, too. Further features could include support of cdrecord, etc.

Note: It is questionable if this feature should be a service client. It seems reasonable that several "heavy weight" clients want to expose this feature to the user. If this turns out to be a false assumption, a dedicated client for export/burning would be a better fit. A client doesn't have access to the raw media yet.

Cleanup Metadata

Collecting music from various sources, some users find themselves with half-baked or errornous tagged media. There are several possibilities to cope with this problem, for example asking MusicBrainz or using some simple algorithm to try to match artist/album names with spelling errors.

This client assists the user with practicle possibilities to cleanup and extend metadata. It should operate on a given collection. Manual assistance of the user should be possible to implement by a client using this service client, for example giving further input or decision on doubt.

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