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This is a maintenance release, fixing bugs found in Release:DR2.

Release notes

Good news everyone! The XMMS2 Team is releasing a bugfix release of the current Developer Release (DR2) called DR2.1. This corrects some annoyances found by the community, the most prominent of those being an ID3v2.3 parsing error.

This release is compatible with DR2 and will not break the plugin API, medialib or client communication (we think).

We are now focusing on the last planned DR (DR3). Starting with the release of DR2.1, we now have two main trees - the devel tree, where more radical changes take place, and the stable tree. The planned features and changes for DR3 are tracked on our Mantis bug tracker under under Bug 317. Your feedback is important for DR3 since we are aiming to stabilise the API after this.

Source is available at sourceforge as usual.

Now have a nice day!


New Features

  • Alexander Botero-Lowry:
    • Install the manpages with SCons Bug 300
  • Tobias Rundstrom:
    • SCons configuration now logs ConfigErrors to config.log. Bug 307

Bugs fixed

  • Alexander Botero-Lowry:
    • Fixed typo in OSS plugin. Bug 326
  • Alexander Rigbo:
    • Initialize GError variable before using it. Bug 318
  • Anders Gustafsson:
    • Remove leftover debug assertion in resampler. Bug 314
    • Remove bogus code in id3v2-reader that made tags not read. Bug 293
  • Daniel Svensson:
    • cmdline -i sets ipcpath Bug 316
    • Added srand before rand. Bug 315
  • Jens Taprogge:
    • Fixed ruby compilation. Bug 294
  • Sébastien Cevey:
    • Fixed some incorrect documentation. Bug 308
  • Tobias Rundstrom:
    • Handle exception on UTF-8 convertion error. Bug 325
    • Removed global result refholder. Bug 301
    • Better errorhandling when we can't initialize the outputplugin. Bug 296
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