GSoC:2007 Visualization Progress

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Monday August 20

Another month, another update. The basic functionality now works, while most of the code is in good shape. UDP needs some serious fixing, but it's not too much work. Here is a screenshot of several libvisual clients running side-by-side:

libvisual screenshot

GSoC's time's over in some hours or so. I won't have reached all of my goals, which is sad. I'm highly motivated to get them done in the next two weeks, which is good. Anyway, visualization is coming! :)

Friday July 13

Finally, a simple volume meter works (without correct timing). Some hours later, and the libvisual client would be it. Anyway, there is lots to do.

I'm too tired for details now.

Thursday June 7

I digged through the server and client code and found the appropriate places to insert new bugs. Creating and sharing the SHM is on it's way. I'm still busy at school :/

Friday April 13

I'm looking forward to work on this project, but first I have lots to do at school until end of May. I will use my spare time to get into XMMS2 development now...

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