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Aim of the project is to develop a testing framework using the xUnit (Unit Testing family of approaches) to make test cases against which XMMS2 code could be tested. It has to facilitate easy and effective maintenance of test cases, selection of test cases and suites to run, producing output in a format to enable interface to the external applications, for instance automated update of Wiki Pages for the status of test runs against XMMS2 Code.


It will assist developers to validate the code and functionality in an automated way. Any changed code will be tested by re-executing the test cases. Such avoids considerable regression and assists to validate the functionality. Modular approach and interactive run will make it easier to add/delete/edit test cases.

Apart from this, the project intends to provide recommendations for the development workflow to maintain test suites. This includes maintaining a proper versioning mechanism for maintaining test cases for various versions of code and validity results.


21st June -- Test Runner working Properly

22nd June -- GUI with Interactive Test Runner with Dummy Test Cases and Test Suites using defaults Asserts

22nd - 24th June -- Write deamon Tests

Uptil 27th June -- For mid-term Evaluation, Working Framework which Tests Daemons Completely, Framework and methodology of Test Management approved by Mentor (Shaam add here)


Test framework including Test Suites (with tests for existing codebase)

Status Page with component Test Results

Design and Terminologies



Test Runner

Test Suites

Test Cases

Behavioral Tests

External Interface, Status Page Wiki Bots

XML Result



External link

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