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Collection changed.

  • res[:name] - name of a changed collection.
  • res[:namespace] - it's namespace.
  • res[:type] - type of change:
    • Xmms::Collection::ADD - new collection was added.
    • Xmms::Collection::UPDATE - collection was changed.
    • Xmms::Collection::RENAME - collection was renamed.
      • res[:newname] - new name of a collection.
    • Xmms::Collection::REMOVE - collection was removed.


Some configuration variable changed.

  • res is a hash of key-value pairs. Key is a configuration variable name, while value is... well, it's value. Sample code:
xmms.broadcast_config_value_changed.notifier do |res|
    res.each_pair do |key, value|
        puts "#{key} = #{value}"

Note: in v.0.6 and v.0.7 key is a symbol. It is a bug. Use key.to_s to get key's name.





XMMS2 began playing another song.

  • res - another song's id.


Playback status was changed.

  • res - new status:
    • Xmms::Client::PLAY - playing;
    • Xmms::Client::STOP - stopped;
    • Xmms::Client::PAUSE - paused.


Volume changed.

  • res[:left] - left channel's volume.
  • res[:right] - right channel's volume.


Playlist changed.

  • res[:name] - name of a changed playlist.
  • res[:type] - type of change:
    • Xmms::Playlist::ADD - song was added (?)to the end(?) of a playlist.
      • res[:id] - id of a new song;
      • res[:position] - new song's position.
    • Xmms::Playlist::INSERT - song was inserted to a playlist at some position.
      • res[:id] - id of a new song;
      • res[:position] - new song's position.
    • Xmms::Playlist::SHUFFLE - playlist was shuffled.
    • Xmms::Playlist::REMOVE - song was removed from a playlist.
      • res[:position] - position of a song.
    • Xmms::Playlist::CLEAR - playlist was cleared.
    • Xmms::Playlist::MOVE - song was moved from one position in a playlist to another.
      • res[:position] - old position of a song;
      • res[:newposition] - new position of a song.
    • Xmms::Playlist::SORT - playlist was sorted.
    • Xmms::Playlist::UPDATE - ??


Current position in playlist changed.

  • res[:name] - name of a playlist.
  • res[:position] - new active song's position.


Some playlist was loaded.

  • res - name of a loaded playlist (string).


Server was shutdown.

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