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This is a maintenance release, fixing bugs found in DR2.1.

Release notes

More good news everyone! The XMMS2 Team is releasing another bugfix release of the current Developer Release (DR2) called DR2.2.

Some outstanding issues have forced us to release another maintenance release in the DR2 series instead of making a DR3 release, including the fixing of a couple of huge memory leaks. Another annoying bug is that XMMS2 doesn't work at all with newer SQLite (3.2.5 and higher) releases because of a policy change; we were misusing the API and they made such usage fail with a hard error. This has not been fixed in this maintenance release since it is a major change to our internal API. It will be fixed in the upcoming DR3 release.

Source is available at sourceforge as usual.

Now have a nice day!


Bugs fixed

  • G. Gallino:
    • Added checking for negative gain value. Bug 297
  • Sebastien Cevey:
    • Fixed buggy xmmsc_result_list_first Bug 342
  • Tilman Sauerbeck:
    • Fix refcounting for ruby clientbindings Bug 187
    • Fix refcounting problems in Python clientbindings. Bug 349
    • Fixed a memory leak in results that store lists. Bug 353
  • Tobias Rundstrom:
    • Fix bad documentation in xmmsclient python bindings. Bug 328
    • Plug memory leak in xmms_object_emit_f Bug 341

Other Changes

  • Tilman Sauerbeck:
    • complain about result refcount missuage in clientlib.
    • Small fix in ruby testscript.
    • Cleanup of ruby error handling.
  • Tobias Rundstrom:
    • Added check so that we don't try to compile with a new version of
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