Client Ideas

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This page is for ideas for clients that have yet to be made.

Firefox / Konqueror Extension Client

For any particular webpage you may go to, this would give you a list of all audio files linked to on the page, and then via a toolbar or context menu, would allow you to do the following on a per file basis: Enqueue as next in playlist, Enqueue as last in playlist, Add to media library, or play now. If play now is chosen, then the current track should pick up right where it left off once that file is done playing.

Alarm Clock client

This should fade up the music over a period of 10 minutes to maximise dream recall. (sleep 30m; xmms2d stop works pretty well for going to sleep ;D )

Who needs a client... ;)

 #!/bin/sh  sleep 28800 &&  while true  do    amixer sset Master 2+    sleep 30  done

Adjust values as needed

iRate support - Write a client for communicating with iRate without using the iRate client and for rating and downloading music from iRate. The iRate client to iRate server protocol is not well documented so one will have to read the iRate client source.


Self-explanatory? (Yes, I am that lazy)

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